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Top 10 Reviewer; 352669 Frequent Fiction points
Member since April 5, 2015

"I am not the Brian Rushton who is the author of the Plasma Master books. I give one star for each of the following criteria: -Polish (no..."


Top 10 Reviewer; 75888 Frequent Fiction points
Member since June 15, 2021

"Enjoyer of IF, just started to review them. Mainly rates on vibes. Still fighting parsers... Also make stuff on a whim. They can be found..."

Mike Russo

Top 10 Reviewer; 56429 Frequent Fiction points
Los Angeles
Member since October 30, 2020

"Author of Sting and The Eleusinian Miseries. My super rigorous scoring rubric: 1 star = terminally buggy or otherwise really not worth..."

Andrew Schultz

Top 10 Reviewer; 42839 Frequent Fiction points
Member since November 3, 2010

"Works written: Very Vile Fairy File, Threediopolis, Shuffling Around, A Roiling Original, Ailihphilia, and a lot of small puzzly games...."


Top 10 Reviewer; 33734 Frequent Fiction points
Member since November 28, 2019

"I prefer Story over Puzzles. Except when I don't. I do not have an objective checklist to determine ratings. Much depends on my..."


Top 10 Reviewer; 30295 Frequent Fiction points
Member since October 14, 2012

"Dabbler. Very occasional updates only. Rating system largely similar to Mathbrush: implementation, mechanics, storyline, writing,..."

Victor Gijsbers

Top 10 Reviewer; 27560 Frequent Fiction points
The Netherlands
Member since December 30, 2007

"I have authored The Baron, Fate, Figaro, most of The Art of Fugue, The Game Formerly Known as Hidden Nazi Mode, 'Mid the Sagebrush and..."

Wade Clarke

Top 10 Reviewer; 25107 Frequent Fiction points
Sydney, Australia
Member since September 19, 2010

"I am working on my next game Andromeda Acolytes, which was funded via Kickstarter in 2022..."

Kinetic Mouse Car

Top 10 Reviewer; 24141 Frequent Fiction points
Member since July 27, 2022



Top 10 Reviewer; 20989 Frequent Fiction points
Member since November 22, 2022


Top 25 Reviewer; 20244 Frequent Fiction points
Member since February 19, 2016

"I have written Grandpa's Ranch, The Dragon Diamond, The Way Home, Stone of Wisdom and several other small parser games. A note on my..."


Top 25 Reviewer; 19098 Frequent Fiction points
Member since October 1, 2013

"I enjoy playing and reviewing games."

Sam Kabo Ashwell

Top 25 Reviewer; 16857 Frequent Fiction points
Member since October 21, 2007

"I fail to write anything consequential, frequently; more often, I write about other people's writing, which is easier. Sometimes I..."

Mr. Patient

Top 25 Reviewer; 16497 Frequent Fiction points
Saint Paul, Minn.
Member since December 3, 2009

Emily Short

Top 25 Reviewer; 16271 Frequent Fiction points
Member since October 17, 2007

"See for more reviews, IF-related blog entries, etc."


Top 25 Reviewer; 15226 Frequent Fiction points
Member since January 4, 2012

Simon Deimel

Top 25 Reviewer; 14840 Frequent Fiction points
Member since October 1, 2013


Top 25 Reviewer; 14752 Frequent Fiction points
Member since February 27, 2008

"I've got some strong opinions for someone who's never shown the courage or skill to publish any IF of my own. Nonetheless, I am a big fan..."


Top 25 Reviewer; 14387 Frequent Fiction points
Minneapolis, MN
Member since January 29, 2012

"I'm a clinical social worker who uses interactive fiction as self-care. I grew up in the 80's with a few Infocom and Scott Adams games..."


Top 25 Reviewer; 13937 Frequent Fiction points
Member since March 30, 2016

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