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I am a 5x years old adventurer who started playing IF games on the first 80's.
I play spanish and english games and like specially betatesting games becouse I can speak directly with some other people while playing.

- Jade

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If You Had One Shot, by Wade Clarke, Victor Gijsbers, Hanon Ondricek, Brian Rushton   August 13, 2023
"This is a one choice game dislike another previous ones. You can only play the game once, then it will lock and become unplayable...." - See the full review

Trouble in Sector 471, by Arthur DiBianca   October 8, 2022
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Zero Chance of Recovery, by Andrew Schultz   October 2, 2022
"I played and enjoyed this game in IFMUD last week testing online with Andrew S. (Thank you Andrew). We were playing the game in the..." - See the full review

Captain Verdeterre's Plunder, by Ryan Veeder   September 19, 2022
"I have enjoyed a lot playing and replaying this game half a dozen times. Each gameplay I have retrieved higher amount of rewards. I like..." - See the full review

The good people, by Pseudavid   June 18, 2022
"English & spanish review, Man, it's okay for me to say so: A "roller coaster" game of emotions between the protagonists, their current..." - See the full review

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Faery: Swapped, by mathbrush
Never Gives Up Her Dead, by Mathbrush
Venenarius Verborum, by Nick Montfort, Jarel (translation)
Into The Sun, by Dark Star
After the Accident, by Amanda Walker

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The Little Match Girl 5: The Hunter's Vow, by Ryan Veeder

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