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A new competition page: Locus Jam 2024 created May 25, 2024
The Locus Jam is an interactive fiction mini-jam all about places, spaces, and rooms. Come create an IF piece set in one specific place! This jam is a commemoration of Porpentine's Locus Jam.
A new listing for Throne, by GamesByCam May 25, 2024
A kingdom suffering from rebellion. Your allies, deserted. Your palace, abandoned, save for you. Basking in your throne during the twilight hours of your empire, you’re feeling nostalgic. A...
A new listing for LIMBO, by KA Tan May 25, 2024
LIMBO: Created for Locus Jam 2024.  The software used was binksi , created by smwhr.  Set in a not-so-distant future, you are waiting to hear back on the status of your visa application to live and work in...
A new listing for I PROMISE I AM WORKING ON THE GAME, by manonamora May 25, 2024
Come aboard the struggle bus... I PROMISE I AM WORKING ON THE GAME is a binksi... something I guess. Sort of an interactive game, sort of not? I don't know anymore. Most of it was written at 2am... CW:...
A new listing for Room 2039, by JohnnyNeverWalked May 25, 2024
Awakening in a stark, featureless room suspended in a void outside time and space, you find yourself alone with a sentient computer. To escape, you must play its game. Success means freedom; failure means...
A new listing for Aethers End, by Pest May 25, 2024
You have been stuck in ship that's barely adrift, engines down and nothing to do but ramble into the radio... and talk to a star. 2 Endings 5 Art Stuff Made for the Locus Jam I have had this idea turning in...

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