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Interactive Fiction by Wade Clarke

Cragne Manor, by Ryan Veeder, Jenni Polodna et al.
Show other authorsAdam Whybray, Adri, Andrew Plotkin, Andy Holloway, Austin Auclair, Baldur Brückner, Ben Collins-Sussman, Bill Maya, Brian Rushton, Buster Hudson, Caleb Wilson, Carl Muckenhoupt, Chandler Groover, Chris Jones, Christopher Conley, Damon L. Wakes, Daniel Ravipinto, Daniel Stelzer, David Jose, David Petrocco, David Sturgis, Drew Mochak, Edward B, Emily Short, Erica Newman, Feneric, Finn Rosenløv, Gary Butterfield, Gavin Inglis, Greg Frost, Hanon Ondricek, Harkness Munt, Harrison Gerard, Ian Holmes, Ivan Roth, Jack Welch, Jacqueline Ashwell, James Eagle, Jason Dyer, Jason Lautzenheiser, Jason Love, Jeremy Freese, Joey Jones, Joshua Porch, Justin de Vesine, Justin Melvin, Katherine Morayati, Kenneth Pedersen, Lane Puetz, Llew Mason, Lucian Smith, Marco Innocenti, Marius Müller, Mark Britton, Mark Sample, Marshal Tenner Winter, Matt Schneider, Matt Weiner, Matthew Korson, Michael Fessler, Michael Gentry, Michael Hilborn, Michael Lin, Mike Spivey, Molly Ying, Monique Padelis, Naomi Hinchen, Nate Edwards, Petter Sjölund, Q Pheevr, Rachel Spitler, Reed Lockwood, Reina Adair, Riff Conner, Roberto Colnaghi, Rowan Lipkovits, Sam Kabo Ashwell, Scott Hammack, Sean M. Shore, Shin, Wade Clarke, Zach Hodgens, Zack Johnson
(12 ratings)
A tribute to Anchorhead.

Six, by Wade Clarke (2011)
(38 ratings)
Your name is Harriet Leitner, and you and your twin sister Demi turned six this morning! You're having a fancy dress birthday party, and this afternoon you'll be playing Hide and Seek Tip over in...

Leadlight, by Wade Clarke (2010)
(33 ratings)
15-year-old Belinda Nettle is studying at Linville Girls High School in Australia's Blue Mountains. After falling asleep in the library one afternoon, she wakes from her mundane existence into a...

Ghosterington Night, by Wade Clarke (2012)
(13 ratings)
Danger-filled Ghosterington Manor appears atop the same cliff each year on Samhain night. Hidden inside are the last four works of the dead bad poet Vigilance Ghosterington. Those four poems are...

Leadlight Gamma, by Wade Clarke (2015)
(4 ratings)
15-year-old Belinda Nettle is studying at Linville Girls High School in Australia's Blue Mountains. After falling asleep in the library one afternoon, she wakes from her mundane existence into a...

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Reviews by Wade Clarke

Necron's Keep, by Dan Welch   September 15, 2021
"Version five of Necron's Keep is a great advance on the buggy original I tried many years ago. I played this hardcore CRPG to completion..." - See the full review

Napier's Cache, by Vivienne Dunstan   July 30, 2020
"I didn't know who John Napier was before I played this game, and didn't research him until after. He was a noted sixteenth century..." - See the full review

Dad vs. Unicorn, by PaperBlurt   July 7, 2019
"(I wrote the original version of this review in my blog upon the game's initial 2013 IFComp release.) This is a short (ten minutes) CYOA..." - See the full review

Final Girl, by Hanon Ondricek   July 3, 2019
"* I wrote the following review of Final Girl for my blog upon the game's initial IFComp 2013 release. The game is no longer available for..." - See the full review

The Paper Bag Princess, by Adri   July 3, 2019
"The Paper Bag Princess is a short Z-code adventure in which you play a beautiful royal lass whose beloved is snatched up by a dragon..." - See the full review

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Snowhaven, by Tristin Grizel Dean
Sandcastle Master, by EldritchRenaissanceCake
Law of the West, by Alan Miller, Mimi Doggett, Ed Bogas
Tristam Island, by Hugo Labrande
The Brutal Murder of Jenny Lee, by Daniel Gao

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