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I have written Grandpa's Ranch, The Dragon Diamond, The Way Home, Stone of Wisdom and several other small parser games.

A note on my ratings: On IFDB I rate games by how much I enjoy them, not for how long I am enjoying them. Thus short games can get 5 stars if I am highly entertained as long as it lasts. This is in contrast to how I rate games in competitions, where the longer games get higher ratings if I am equally entertained.

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Interactive Fiction by Denk

Cragne Manor, by Ryan Veeder, Jenni Polodna et al.
Show other authorsAdam Whybray, Adri, Andrew Plotkin, Andy Holloway, Austin Auclair, Baldur Brückner, Ben Collins-Sussman, Bill Maya, Brian Rushton, Buster Hudson, Caleb Wilson, Carl Muckenhoupt, Chandler Groover, Chris Jones, Christopher Conley, Damon L. Wakes, Daniel Ravipinto, Daniel Stelzer, David Jose, David Petrocco, David Sturgis, Drew Mochak, Edward B, Emily Short, Erica Newman, Feneric, Finn Rosenløv, Gary Butterfield, Gavin Inglis, Greg Frost, Hanon Ondricek, Harkness, Harrison Gerard, Ian Holmes, Ivan Roth, Jack Welch, Jacqueline Ashwell, James Eagle, Jason Dyer, Jason Lautzenheiser, Jason Love, Jeremy Freese, Joey Jones, Joshua Porch, Justin de Vesine, Justin Melvin, Katherine Morayati, Kenneth Pedersen, Lane Puetz, Llew Mason, Lucian Smith, Marco Innocenti, Marius Müller, Mark Britton, Mark Sample, Marshal Tenner Winter, Matt Schneider, Matt Weiner, Matthew Korson, Michael Fessler, Michael Gentry, Michael Hilborn, Michael Lin, Mike Spivey, Molly Ying, Monique Padelis, Naomi Hinchen, Nate Edwards, Petter Sjölund, Q Pheevr, Rachel Spitler, Reed Lockwood, Reina Adair, Riff Conner, Roberto Colnaghi, Rowan Lipkovits, Sam Kabo Ashwell, Scott Hammack, Sean M. Shore, Shin, Wade Clarke, Zach Hodgens, Zack Johnson
(19 ratings)
A tribute to Anchorhead.

Grandpa's Ranch, by Kenneth Pedersen (2021)
(6 ratings)
Grandpa's Ranch is a two-word parser game for beginners and kids. By default, a tutorial mode is enabled but can be disabled by typing TUTORIAL OFF. If you are an experienced parser player, I...

Museum Heist, by Kenneth Pedersen (2020)
(3 ratings)
Music by Eric Matyas Play as the elegant art thief Gentleman Finn as he robs the finest art museum in the world. An interactive fiction optimization game made for AdventureJam...

Stone of Wisdom, by Kenneth Pedersen (2018)
(4 ratings)
Once again queen Drana has a task for you. Can you obtain the Stone of Wisdom and will you ever be free? Play as the warrior Bash on your quest to obtain the Stone of Wisdom. You will start out...

The Dragon Diamond [modern versions], by Kenneth Pedersen (2016)
(4 ratings)
PLOT Your name is Bash, a famous warrior, ordered by the evil Queen Drana to obtain the fabled Dragon Diamond from the Forest of Fear. The queens chauffeur Leon drives you to the outskirts of the...

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Reviews by Denk

Loose Ends, by Jonathan Scott and Stephen Boyd   June 1, 2023
"This is the sequel to "Out of the Limelight" and just as the first game, it is recommended to find the leaflet with the instructions..." - See the full review

Curse of the Hellsblade, by John Nelson and Tom Zuchowski   May 28, 2023
"I played this game online at Eamon Remastered where you can either play with your own character or a demo character. This RPG is quite..." - See the full review

8K Adventure, by Paul Allen Panks   May 28, 2023
"This game should be played with a C64 emulator, then it is a very short and primitive but charming two-word parser game in the style of..." - See the full review

Cave of Wonders, by Campbell Wild   May 23, 2023
"This game is an old school treasure hunt written by Campbell Wild, the creator of Adrift. If you expect a lot of verbose, beautiful prose..." - See the full review

The Life of a Lone Electron, by Gareth Pitchford and Scott Denyer   May 19, 2023
"I was intrigued by the title of this game in the 90s Adventure Probe but couldn't play it because I did not have a ZX Spectrum. Now, many..." - See the full review

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The Life of a Lone Electron, by Gareth Pitchford and Scott Denyer
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