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Hi, I'm Charm!

I write mostly upsetting things.

Interactive Fiction by OverThinking

Gestures Towards Divinity, by Charm Cochran (2023)
(14 ratings)
Francis Bacon (1909-1992) was a British painter, infamous for his use of brutal imagery and distortions of the human face and body. Well-known for both his violent subject matter and cutting wit,...

A Thousand Thousand Slimy Things, by Charm Cochran (2022)
(7 ratings)
You awaken in a rowboat, in the middle of the ocean. Your food supply is low. Your drinking water is low. If you can wait 'til night, if you can see the stars, maybe you can navigate towards land....

1 4 the $, by Charm Cochran (2024)
(5 ratings)
A story of consumption. 1 4 the $ ("One For the Money") was written in three days as an entry to the SeedComp! 2024 sprouting round. It is intended for mature audiences.

Red Door Yellow Door, by Charm Cochran (2023)
(12 ratings)
Guide your sister through a game of visualization, adventure, and danger, and perhaps discover truths about each other along the way. This was originally intended for SeedComp!, but winded up being...

we, the remainder, by Charm Cochran (2021)
(10 ratings)
it's been twenty-four days since everyone else floated up. you haven't been out since then; Momma doesn't like you leaving the flat without her, and the effort of getting down the stairs hasn't...

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Polls by OverThinking

Best antagonists - 13 votes for 8 games; created March 23, 2024
IF has a tradition of pitting the player against the environment or their circumstances. I'm looking for something a little more...

The dark, the bleak, and the tragic - 12 votes for 9 games; created March 6, 2024
Send me your downers, your bummers, your wretched games that leave the player feeling like they've been kicked in the teeth.

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I'm looking for games where background events and flavor text appear frequently, independently of the player's actions. Maybe there's...

Big, impossible houses - 13 votes for 7 games; created January 18, 2023
Think "House of Leaves" or Aaron Reed's "Subcutanean." "Delightful Wallpaper" doesn't count as, though its map is large and complex, it...

NPCs with agency - 9 votes for 5 games; created September 22, 2022
I'm looking for the most-developed "AI" characters—people with goals, who can move around and complete tasks whether or not the player...

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Reviews by OverThinking

After the Accident, by Amanda Walker   April 4, 2023
"(Full disclosure, I beta tested this) This game is challenging. Not because it’s hard—in fact, what in other games might constitute..." - See the full review

free bird., by Passerine   March 2, 2023
"Full disclosure: this game did use my seed “Room; Closed Door,” which challenged authors to create a room escape game using only nouns..." - See the full review

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