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i like cute anime girls and dank stuff

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Interactive Fiction by Kastel

Chinese Family Dinner Moment, by Kastel (2023)
(6 ratings)
Content Warnings: Sexual harassment, racism, transphobia. You haven't even had the chance to tell your parents you've gone vegan... Made for the Single Choice Jam. (Photo credit: Cera)

Your World According to a Single Word, by Kastel (2023)
(8 ratings)

A word wants to say more than words about your world

June 1998, Sydney, by Kastel (2023)
(8 ratings)
(Cover Photo: Christopher Burns) Your family is moving in, whether you like it or not. Year 1998. 499 words. A double entry for Anti-Romance Jam 2023 and Neo-Twiny Jam.

Ah Lim's Chicken Rice, #01-08A, by Kastel (2023)
(3 ratings)
cooking | hawker center | family

Hanna, We're Going to School, by Kastel (2023)
(6 ratings)
"Hanna, we're going to school." There's nothing to be afraid about going to school, Jing. You know that very well. School is school, as your mom likes to say, it's a rite of passage most adults go...

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Games exploring trauma and other messy subject matter - 29 votes for 22 games; created August 24, 2023

Reviews by Kastel

A Dream of Silence, by Abigail Corfman   April 5, 2024
"I'm not familiar with Baldur's Gate 3, but I know that people like Astarion and playing the game made me understand why. ..." - See the full review

The Case of the Solitary Resident, by thesleuthacademy   April 5, 2024
"A police procedural from the creator of Last Vestiges in IFComp 2023, The Case of the Solitary Resident is a Twine mystery that explores..." - See the full review

Studio, by Charm Cochran   April 5, 2024
"This is the kind of horror that gives me nightmares. There are no supernatural beings in this story, just a diminishing sense of security..." - See the full review

PROSPER.0, by groggydog   April 5, 2024
"You have recently been hired by a generic dystopian science fiction corporation to filter poetry from an accidental merger of the..." - See the full review

Rescue at Quickenheath, by Mo Farr   April 5, 2024
"A swashbuckling tale of adventures and embassies led by two intrepid highway robbers deeply in love with each other, Rescue at..." - See the full review

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Studio, by Charm Cochran
PROSPER.0, by groggydog
Rescue at Quickenheath, by Mo Farr
A Simple Happening, by Leon Lin
You Can Only Turn Left, by Emiland Kray and Ember Chan and Mary Kray

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