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Medical student. Dabbles with various systems, including but not limited to Inform 7, Twine and Choicescript.

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Interactive Fiction by verityvirtue

the morning after, by verityvirtue (2016)
(6 ratings)
It's been a long night. We've not had a proper sleep. But we seize this moment of peace. Made for the Tiny Utopias jam.

Stand Down, by verityvirtue (2018)
(2 ratings)

A low-interactivity, linear reflection. This reflection was inspired by: Bruno Dias's The World Turned Upside Down mathbrush's Untie (as Alex Ellis) Emily Short's TinyHillside Cover photo by Zhen...

Sigil Reader (Field), by verityvirtue (2016)
(16 ratings)
I am a sigil reader. I work in a city where sigils are a matter of public health, for a maliciously inscribed sigil could mean the ruin of a business - or a soul. Except today I wake to a changed...

Walker's Rift, by verityvirtue (2015)
(3 ratings)

As the new field director of Station 31, you've been tasked with paperwork, investigating a series of self-mutilations, and paperwork. Battle bureaucracy! Explore Perigosan! Investigate eldritch...

Staying Put, by verityvirtue (2016)
(5 ratings)
After hell went down over the Grémillet thing, Subramaniam helped you find this place. You'll have to lay low for a while, so that means not getting out of this room — or at least downstairs —...

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Twines released in 2015 which use interesting effects (which I, er, want to use as well. Yes.). Suggestions welcome.

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Cat simulators - 7 items   April 5, 2016
Games in which the PC is a cat, or which revolve closely around a particular cat. Generally pleasant games. I have thought about whether...

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Games about experiencing chronic/long-term illness - 10 votes for 10 games; created January 7, 2017
Games which primarily involve the experiences of the PC or an NPC with an illness, which may involve their experiences with healthcare...

Games about mother-child relationships - 15 votes for 11 games; created July 2, 2016
Games which deal with mother-child relationships, no matter the nature of either party.

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For Your Consideration - XYZZY-eligible puzzles of 2015 - 14 votes for 13 games; created February 11, 2016
This is for suggesting puzzles from games released 2015 who you think might be worth considering for Best Individual Puzzle in the XYZZY...

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Reviews by verityvirtue

Big Trouble in Little Dino Park, by Seth Paxton, Rachel Aubertin   January 4, 2021
"You play a kid working your summer job in a theme park with a teeth-grindingly twee theme. But everything goes wrong when the dinosaurs..." - See the full review

Savor, by Ed Nobody   January 4, 2021
"Seeking a cure for chronic pain, you meet a dying man in a strange house surrounded by strange creatures. Foreboding from the start, it..." - See the full review

Academic Pursuits (As Opposed To Regular Pursuits), by ruqiyah   October 18, 2020
"This game is ostensibly about unpacking and furnishing your new office. It has a simple mechanic, but has enough intriguing details to..." - See the full review

Phantom, by Peter Eastman   October 18, 2020
"It's from Phantom of the Opera, of course. Keenly aware of its source material, the game opens almost by establishing the player's own..." - See the full review

Dead Pavane for a Princess, by Emily Boegheim   August 11, 2020
"Escape the zombie form of Debussy! Technically, a survival thriller; in practice, comedic horror. You can be done in 5 moves, and you..." - See the full review

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Played Games

Big Trouble in Little Dino Park, by Seth Paxton, Rachel Aubertin
Savor, by Ed Nobody
Sense of Harmony, by Scenario World
Academic Pursuits (As Opposed To Regular Pursuits), by ruqiyah
The Turnip, by Joseph Pentangelo

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Ascension of Limbs, by AKheon
Babyface, by Mark Sample
Stuff of Legend, by Lance Campbell
Dead Man's Fiesta, by Ed Sibley
I.A.G. Alpha, by Serhii Mozhaiskyi

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