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Poem-based games with puzzles/endings
by Andrew Schultz - 8 votes for 8 games, last vote on May 16, 2022; created on May 5, 2022

"I enjoy seeing people trying to mix poetry and puzzles. Even if it doesn't work, it still is fun to see people try, and quite bluntly, it's brave to attempt at all. I'd like to remove works like Phenomena or 100000 years from..."

Looking for a specific game
by Yukabacera - No votes; created on April 8, 2022

"I'm looking for a specific game which I believe I played around or before 2010. It might have been a TADS game. It had graphics. It begins with the protagonist's car breaking down on a road in a wintery, snowy landscape. The protagonist..."

horror games with human antagonists/enemies
by dollweiss - 5 votes for 5 games, last vote on May 17, 2022; created on April 7, 2022

"i'm looking for horror games with no paranormal/supernatural/non-human antagonists or enemies. no lovecraftian stuff. basically: stalkers, serial killers, that kinda thing. "

BBC Micro gems
by Rovarsson - 20 votes for 18 games, last vote on May 16, 2022; created on March 23, 2022

"I found the BBC Micro archive a little while ago and I'm overwhelmed. ( Any recommendations? I've put two games in myself from both sides of the spectrum: a 1984 old-school..."

IF Compilations (Games made of parts of other games)
by penguincascadia - 6 votes for 6 games, last vote on March 21, 2022; created on March 18, 2022

"Hello everyone, I'm looking for IF games that are mergers of other IF games or parts of other IF games together. Bonus points if the various games can interact with each other, like objects on one game section being usable in another..."

IF sampler platter (showcases the best of IF in many unique ways) because Iím bored with the basics.
by CJ - 5 votes for 4 games, last vote on April 25, 2022; created on March 17, 2022

"I want some of the best selections (just a few, 10-20 tops) of the greatest and most imaginative IF out there. I recently downloaded an IF app, and I want a bit more variety so I can learn a bit more. Stuff like 9:05 is great, I just..."

Wodehousean Comedy
by Rovarsson - 13 votes for 8 games, last vote on March 22, 2022; created on March 15, 2022

"Manors, butlers, m'ladies, m'lords. Be they upstairs or downstairs, or asking if you rang."

The New Abstract
by strivenword - 6 votes for 6 games, last vote on March 25, 2022; created on March 6, 2022

"Time goes on, vibes change, people change, historical thresholds are crossed. I always loved the unique kind of abstract/surreal genre in IF. I don't want to give a grocery list of the games that I liked it in, because I don't want it to..."

Games with Trump-like (antagonist) characters
by Andrew Schultz - 9 votes for 9 games, last vote on March 2, 2022; created on December 14, 2021

"While we want to put something like Trump behind us, it's not easy. Humor can help. So can comparing him to a historical villain. I'm interested in other efforts that have a clearly Trump-ish character in them, whether skewering his..."

Games with complex conversations
by OverThinking - 9 votes for 8 games, last vote on February 14, 2022; created on November 30, 2021

"I'm looking for games with complex NPCs who are able to have in-depth conversations, especially if conversation options change based on other events in the game. The Ur-example is, of course, Galatea, but I'd also like to see games where..."

Your crazy friend/relative's crazy house
by Malasana - 10 votes for 9 games, last vote on February 6, 2022; created on November 26, 2021

""The archetypal IF setting will always be Your Crazy Friend/Relative's Crazy House. It's the perfect way to work through all the classic IF tropes - plenty of puzzles to solve for no other reason than to see what's beyond, sealed-off..."

Highly atmospheric and immersive games
by Cryptic Puffin - 21 votes for 14 games, last vote on March 15, 2022; created on November 14, 2021

"I'm looking for games with effective use of location, language, etc. to really immerse you in the locale and the story, no matter the genre-- any game which you felt really taken with the atmosphere would be great. Thank you!"

Games With Unfair Beginnings
by Canalboy - 18 votes for 12 games, last vote on May 14, 2022; created on October 7, 2021

"By this I mean games that can be made unwinnable near the start or have hellish opening puzzles."

For your consideration: XYZZY-eligible Best Individual Puzzle of 2020
by Sobol - 7 votes for 7 games, last vote on September 22, 2021; created on September 17, 2021

"This is for suggesting games released in 2020 which you think might be worth considering for Best Individual PUzzle in the XYZZY awards. This is not a zeroth-round nomination. This is not an official list. The point of poll is partly to..."

Parser games (any system, any age) with English rural setting/atmosphere
by Marco Innocenti - 20 votes for 12 games, last vote on March 10, 2022; created on September 17, 2021

"I'm looking for any parser game (modern or vintage) that is set in an English, rural, Victorian overall ambient, both indoor and outdoor. As an example, something in the mood of The Hound of the Baskervilles, with moors, villages,..."

Games that would work well as a movie
by Karl Ove Hufthammer - 7 votes for 5 games, last vote on October 26, 2021; created on August 17, 2021

"As a contrast to games with impossible-to-film moments, which games do you think would work well if they were adapted to the big screen, either as a feature film or a short film (live action or animation)? A game might work well because..."

Best mechanical/physics puzzles.
by Rovarsson - 12 votes for 11 games, last vote on March 18, 2022; created on June 23, 2021

"I had a lot of fun with the underground trolley puzzle in Axe of Kolt by Larry Horsfield. Any other games that feature cool mechanical devices, Rube Goldberg machines or solutions that rely on using the laws of physics (gravity of..."

Games for 13year old with adult reading level
by Lyon - 12 votes for 11 games, last vote on September 14, 2021; created on June 19, 2021

"I'm looking for game recommendations for a 13-year-old. They have an adult reading level, so vocabulary isn't a challenge, but don't take that as a restriction: I think they would be content reading a less mature work as well. Ideally, a..."

AGT must plays?
by Rovarsson - 8 votes for 4 games, last vote on December 16, 2021; created on May 7, 2021

"I've recently started playing Cliff Diver 1 and I quit because I got impossibly stuck. I don't want to give u^p on a potential treasure trove though. Recommendations for AGT games?"

Choice-Based Games with a Spoke and Hub Structure
by J. J. Guest - 10 votes for 8 games, last vote on November 22, 2021; created on April 18, 2021

"After playing a couple of the Fabled Lands gamebooks, I noticed they use a Spoke and Hub structure. I'm interested in choice-based IF games which use a similar structure. Sam Kabo Ashwell's blog post "Standard Patterns in Choice-Based..."
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