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Rat games

by Tabitha / alyshkalia - 25 votes for 20 games, last vote on March 30, 2024; created on November 28, 2023
"Collecting games that either: have "rat" in the title; have rats/a rat playing a significant role; or have a rat as the PC."

Games that simulate their own aging

by Beable - 31 votes for 16 games, last vote on June 23, 2024; created on November 25, 2023
"I'm looking for games that pretend to be another, older game - sort of like Repeat the Ending and LAKE Adventure - or that contain elements within them that are supposed to play like an older game - like And Then You Come to a House Not..."

Cruel IFComp winners

by Max Fog - 3 votes for 3 games, last vote on November 29, 2023; created on November 25, 2023
"Any game which got awarded high in IFComp that isn't necessarily Merciful or Polite in Zarfian Cruelty Standards. Or at least games that did well in IFComp and have quite strict timing features ..."

Games Where Needing to Eat Actually Becomes Annoying

by RetroProgressive - 2 votes for 2 games, last vote on December 26, 2023; created on November 24, 2023
"On the big list of insta-kill features that will cause the less patient to completely refuse to consider playing a work, it appears that "needing to eat" is well up there. We are not talking about some game where the object is to..."

Games that take place completely in museums

by Andrew Schultz - 15 votes for 10 games, last vote on December 25, 2023; created on October 18, 2023
"IFComp 2023 had a couple, and they reminded me of another I tested in Shufflecomp. I like having the ability to leave when I want and see what I want. I'm looking specifically for ones with no winning or losing, and ones where you can..."

CCTV cameras at the heart of it

by Max Fog - 10 votes for 7 games, last vote on March 7, 2024; created on September 6, 2023
"I'm looking for a game that uses CCTV cameras (or surveillance of some kind) as an important part of the game."

One City or State or Country per Room

by Andrew Schultz - 8 votes for 7 games, last vote on December 25, 2023; created on September 4, 2023
"I'm interested in works where you have one city or state or country (or city-state) per room. David Welbourn noted that this may apply to a significant sub-area of a work, too, and in this case I'd like to allow Greg Boettcher's Nothing..."

Games with root beer in them

by Andrew Schultz - 8 votes for 7 games, last vote on October 3, 2023; created on September 2, 2023
"I played two entries in the Single Choice jam that made very visible references to root beer. Then I realized not many other games did that I could think of. I had one of my own. But given I like root beer much better than Coke or Pepsi,..."

Games with oblivion as the goal

by Andrew Schultz - 3 votes for 3 games, last vote on September 4, 2023; created on September 2, 2023
"I'm trying to look away from a noble or ignoble death or, say, Ragnarok, just a "*this is the end (no really)* effect."

Two-player games

by Tabitha / alyshkalia - 7 votes for 6 games, last vote on March 7, 2024; created on August 27, 2023
"IF games for two players"

Games exploring trauma and other messy subject matter

by Kastel - 29 votes for 22 games, last vote on March 15, 2024; created on August 24, 2023
"Looking for, as Nathalie Lawhead puts it, art caught between “everything is horrible”, “everything is survivable”, and “this is too hard to talk about”. I'm interested in how people explore the messy things in life through IF engines."

Recovered games

by Denk - 16 votes for 13 games, last vote on March 11, 2024; created on August 13, 2023
"Any game which has been practically unavailable for a long time for most players but is now again available to play, though there might be differences from the original version."

Games with faceplants/heel turns at the very end

by Andrew Schultz - 5 votes for 5 games, last vote on January 3, 2024; created on July 30, 2023
"I'm looking for--well, anything that does this. Not "you are missing 4 of 5 pieces of the magic sword," but more, it could either be something funny to notice if you really think about it, or it could be something more obviously..."

Games where deliberately losing/dying/losing an item advances the plot

by Andrew Schultz - 19 votes for 15 games, last vote on December 31, 2023; created on July 30, 2023
"The meaning of "deliberately" can be a bit broad, but I'm wondering about cases where an action clearly marked risky or fatal helps you see something or progress, and you would not have otherwise. I'm not thinking so much about where,..."

Games with aspect transfer mechanics

by David Welbourn - 8 votes for 7 games, last vote on October 16, 2023; created on July 23, 2023
"One really cool thing about interactive fiction games is that they don't need to conform to normal physics. Sometimes, a game will let you take an abstract quality from something, as if it was its own object, and use it on something else..."

Games with amusement parks/fairgrounds in them

by Cerfeuil - 38 votes for 24 games, last vote on January 18, 2024; created on June 20, 2023
"Games that feature carnivals, fairgrounds, amusement parks, circuses, etc. Of any kind!"

Games to play in the summer

by Malasana - 5 votes for 5 games, last vote on July 6, 2023; created on June 1, 2023
"Sunny, light-hearted games that are ideal to play during the warm summer months."

Parser games with WOW moments.

by Marco Innocenti - 31 votes for 21 games, last vote on April 15, 2024; created on May 17, 2023
"Vote for parser games (in all of history) that had incredible Wow moments, twists, or whatever made you think for ages or left you seriously amazed. As an example “that moment” in Spider and Web. Please avoid being spoilery as I would..."

long games for beginners

by Cygnus - 16 votes for 9 games, last vote on July 22, 2023; created on March 31, 2023
"so… you know how savior fair is long and awesome, but also, like, complicated? and.. cruel, as the ratings out it? I think the first thing that goot me INTO IF was anchor head. kinda that difficulty. recently played d’arkun and that was..."

Indie games that are commercial or were commercial at one point

by deathbytroggles - 7 votes for 7 games, last vote on May 20, 2023; created on March 30, 2023
"So I'm not looking for games from the well-known companies like Infocom, Tellarium, Legend, etc. Looking to compile a list of: 1. Games that used to be commercial but no longer (e.g. Once and Future, The Shadow and the Cathedral, 1893)..."
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