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Hallucinogenic games - 4 votes for 3 games; created August 1, 2017
What games best evoke the psychedelic/hallucinogenic feelings of using DMT/Mescaline/LSD/Ayahuasca etc ?

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Worldsmith, by Ade McT   July 18, 2021
"Pay-what-you-want text adventure that runs in a browser and includes images, video and music. An amazing opening puzzle: build a world..." - See the full review

Snowhaven, by Tristin Grizel Dean   July 3, 2021
"A beautiful audio-visual experience, with a haunting piano tune accompanying fantastic monochrome woodcut-style illustrations (some even..." - See the full review

Black Knife Dungeon, by Arthur DiBianca   July 3, 2021
"A standard old-school text-based RPG where you run through a dungeon, fighting or evading monsters, until your HP falls perilously low,..." - See the full review

Waiting for the Day Train, by Dee Cooke   July 3, 2021
"A short "magical-realist" text adventure using the Adventuron engine: navigate the simple puzzles in the woods to get to the train on..." - See the full review

Closet of Mystery, by Michael Cox   May 7, 2021
"The least ambitious game I've encountered so far in PunyJam (the competition for Inform games using the slimmed-down PunyInform..." - See the full review

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