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Hallucinogenic games - 4 votes for 3 games; created August 1, 2017
What games best evoke the psychedelic/hallucinogenic feelings of using DMT/Mescaline/LSD/Ayahuasca etc ?

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Jack, by Arlan Wetherminster   November 4, 2021
"Solve a missing person case with a ghost partner, like Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), who only you can see. Three scenes (an apartment,..." - See the full review

The Fable of the Kabu, by Jorge García Colmenar   November 3, 2021
"A 1-bit styled super-low-res graphical adventure buit with Môsi and set in "Oniria World - the world of dreams", a popular shared setting..." - See the full review

The Deer Trail, by Dark Forest Media   November 3, 2021
"Starts off very promisingly, with a tense deer hunt, even if the game is literally telling you what to type at each prompt. Things get..." - See the full review

Three Rogues Fight Death, by Solvig Choi   November 3, 2021
"Interactive adaptation of Geoffrey Chaucer's Pardoner's Tale, in which the titular three rogues find treasure then trouble. The 14th..." - See the full review

The Lookout, by Paul Michael Winters   November 3, 2021
"As in Firewatch, you've volunteered for Fire Tower duty, deep in the forest, far from civilization, and far from the personal tragedy..." - See the full review

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