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Hallucinogenic games - 4 votes for 3 games; created August 1, 2017
What games best evoke the psychedelic/hallucinogenic feelings of using DMT/Mescaline/LSD/Ayahuasca etc ?

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Closet of Mystery, by Michael Cox   May 7, 2021
"The least ambitious game I've encountered so far in PunyJam (the competition for Inform games using the slimmed-down PunyInform..." - See the full review

Djinn on the Rocks, by Joshua Wilson   May 7, 2021
"You're a genie in a bottle, but thankfully nobody needs to "rub you the right way". You have the power to SWAP any object in the game..." - See the full review

Pub Adventure!, by Robin & Tom Edwards   May 5, 2021
"Like another PunyJam entry Arthur's Day Out, Pub Adventure is very bare-bones. Lots of nouns that are described but cannot be interacted..." - See the full review

Death Number Four, by Dave Footitt   May 5, 2021
"An intriguing demo that ends just as it's getting started. The player-character is a fascinating enigma: you "crackle into existence" in..." - See the full review

Captain Cutter's Treasure, by Garry Francis   May 5, 2021
"A puzzle-filled pirate-themed adventure: the local publican's daughter has been kidnapped by nasty pirates. To rescue her, you'll need to..." - See the full review

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