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Interactive Fiction by Sobol

Out, by Viktor Sobol (2019)
(24 ratings)
It's a wonderful morning, and you're ready to come out.

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For your consideration: XYZZY-eligible Best Individual Puzzle of 2020 - 7 votes for 7 games; created September 17, 2021
This is for suggesting games released in 2020 which you think might be worth considering for Best Individual PUzzle in the XYZZY awards....

Mise-en-abīme - 26 votes for 17 games; created June 17, 2016
Mise-en-abīme is a technique of having a play within a play, a painting within a painting, etc. Let's list those interactive stories...

Reviews by Sobol

Practical Astrology, by Admiral Jota   December 7, 2020
"A small, silly parody of Suspended where you turn dials and observe, via monitors, how your settings affect the planet. I think Admiral..." - See the full review

A Player's Heart, by Melissa Scott   August 10, 2020
"A series of scenes from the life of an opera performer (or a backstager, if you choose so) in an alternate reality version of the XIX..." - See the full review

Sixth Grade Detective, by Laura Hughes   June 14, 2020
"If you liked young detective games by Brendan Patrick Hennessy and Felicity Drake, you should probably also try Sixth Grade Detective...." - See the full review

States of Awareness, by Kerry Taylor   April 20, 2020
"A concise, effective story with a couple of twists and interesting narrative mechanics akin to Common Ground. It wouldn't work as static..." - See the full review

Behold!, by Admiral Jota   November 13, 2019
"Those planning to participate in the recently announced Emily Short Anniversary Contest might be interested in this 2001 mini-tribute - a..." - See the full review

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Sonnet, by TaciturnFriend
The Little Match Girl against the Universal Sisterhood of Naughty Little Girls, by Ryan Veeder
The Enigma of Solaris, by jkj yuio
Citizen Makane, by Perry Simm (as "The Reverend")
The Vambrace of Destiny, by Arthur DiBianca

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The Little Match Girl 5: The Hunter's Vow, by Ryan Veeder
Moondrop Isle, by Ryan Veeder, Nils Fagerburg, Joey Jones, Zach Hodgens, Jason Love, Mark Marino, Carl Muckenhoupt, Sarah Willson, Caleb Wilson
Assembly, by Ben Kirwin