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I'm looking for good examples of IF in English, Mandarin, and Castilian, especially those that could be used in a classroom setting.

★★Narrative: ★I personally enjoy the narrative and story. ★★I recommend the work as a good example of literature.

Interactivity: For playability, reader agency, illusion of freedom.

Pacing: Such as good mechanics and structure, fair puzzles, clear objectives, clear narrative breadcrumbs/hints, toys that distract from frustration, graphic map, walkthrough.

Bonus: The fifth star is only for extraordinary works. For the narrative, interactivity, fun gameplay, emotional impact, artistry, exposition of topic, use of medium.

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Interactive Fiction by IFforL2

年獸文字冒險遊戲 | The Beast, Nian: A Chinese Text Adventure, by IFforL2 (2016)
(1 rating)
年獸故事的文字冒險遊戲。For Chinese language learners, I highly recommend the mouse-over annotation bookmarklet found at http://mandarinspot.com/bookmark

Door | 門, by IFforL2 (2014)
(1 rating)

This is an experiment in discovery learning. Use the in-game clues to decipher the Chinese characters. Escape the maze.

霍桑探案集 貓兒眼, by 程小青 and IFforL2 (2021)

This is the first attempt I'm aware of at creating a parser-based interactive fiction in the Chinese language. It's a direct adaptation of the novel by 程小青. I'd be particularly grateful if any of...

虎姑婆文字冒險遊戲 | Grandaunt Tigress: A Chinese Text Adventure, by IFforL2 (2021)
我媽媽已經去照顧我的爸爸。 他和些鄰居被隻貓弄傷了。不只是貓:又巨大又燃燒著。沒有人見過這樣的野獸。事實證明,它逃出了*國姓爺*王本人的寵物妖怪展覽。 國王看到我們殺了他的母老虎,並沒有因此而責罵我們,才是因為我們沒有提供香火,值錢或任何朝拜。如果個無名人死了之後就變成飢餓的幽靈,我們還不應該懼怕幽靈老虎嗎? 從那天起,我們的邨莊被命名為「打貓」。

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I want to distinguish toys from three other IF game elements: Puzzles require the player to find a solution to a problem in the...

Reviews by IFforL2

文字獄 | Prison of Word, by Jia-Ho Jian   March 31, 2021
"這正是文字冒險應該要有的樣子。 This game is exactly what a text adventure should be. Even if you don't like escape rooms, you should play just to see..." - See the full review

單色衝擊 | Monochrome Impact, by crab11223   March 19, 2021
"In my experience, Chinese language visual novels are often puzzle-less electronic picture books. Many stories offer few and trivial..." - See the full review

La Casa al Otro Lado de la Tormenta | The House on the Other Side of the Storm, by Pablo Martínez Merino (AKA Depresiv)   July 18, 2020
"Depresiv's El Archipiélago is one of the greatest fantasy IF games in the Spanish language. After finishing it a few years ago, I wanted..." - See the full review

MetaComp [es], by n-n   March 6, 2020
"I was addicted to MetaComp for two full working days. (COVID-19 had closed all of the schools in Taiwan, but teachers still had to show..." - See the full review

La Noche del Ensayo, by Guillermo Crespi   August 23, 2019
"I began playing this much acclaimed (see caad.es) game a couple of years ago, and I come back to it from time to time when new..." - See the full review

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