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Horror IF's FTW :D

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Slice of Life Games - 6 votes for 4 games; created June 22, 2016
I'm interested in some slice of life games which are able to make you feel nostalgic and warm inside, something like 'Photopia'!

First IF that you have ever played - 68 votes for 37 games; created August 23, 2014
What is the first IF that you have ever played? The game that made you love the concept of IF?

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Vividity, by Ben Scott   May 31, 2015
"But game wouldn't get past the first section, at the area where you enter your choice of gender. Perhaps fixing this might allow players..." - See the full review

Mansion Escape, by Sarah Potter   May 23, 2015
"I attempted to open the game, but it gave the 'Error Launching Game' message. Opening it on HTMLTADS doesn't seem to work either, as it..." - See the full review

Garden of Steven, by Soda51   May 8, 2015
"Yes. To make it clear to all of you, this game is crap. it's just some pictures based on the beginning of humanity based on the Bible and..." - See the full review

You Were Here, by Joshua Houk   January 9, 2015
"When I opened this game for the first time, I though that I've been scammed. I looked down and saw the 'Do you want to restart,..." - See the full review

Chipotle Simulator, by SahibdeepNann   December 20, 2014
"Whenever you feel hungry, just try out this humourous game. It showcases one eating a burrito with extremely detailed choices. Best of..." - See the full review

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