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Just an overview of 2014, nothing more..., January 9, 2015

When I opened this game for the first time, I though that I've been scammed. I looked down and saw the 'Do you want to restart, restore...." text. Just before closing the game and deleting it, I remembered that it was a meta-game, which isn't really your normal IF game.

Upon typing ABOUT, I saw names. Way too many of them. It seemed to me that this game involved more than 50 authors in creating it! After quickly restarting the game and starting to read the text, it was pretty much disappointing. What I'm reading is the first part of some IF game released last year. There's no title of what game it's suppose to be too, so I had no idea how I'm going to relate the text to anything. You can't do anything unless you actually played ALL the IF games published this year, which I guess is in the hundreds.

Typing RESTART again brings you yet to another set of text, which you are suppose to guess what you are reading. The next result is always randomized, which sounds nice, but might eventually bring you back to what you've read earlier. Most of the text are short, but you can find some long ones to read once in a while.

Some of the games that I've recognized included Hill 160 and Aleticorp, though a significant portion of text included are in a foreign language, like German or French? I'm not too sure myself. It's too bad I couldn't understand them, or it might have made the experience more enjoyable.

While playing, I constantly wished for a better and easier way to play this game, rather than typing RESTART every time I read the text. Maybe a 'G' or something?

Basically, this is an unique game, but it's presented in the wrong way. Rather than just putting some words that is expected for people to understand, a title of what the text is about or maybe more interaction is definitely appreciated! Maybe one or two turns of the games included in You were here!

So if you have nothing much to do, you can just check how IF is going with this game. There are 2 versions of this game, one for Twine and another for the Z-machine. I recommend the Twine version, unless you want to keep typing RESTART every 10 seconds in the game. 2014 isn't too bad a year for text adventures, so I what you read shouldn't be too bad! Thanks for reading!

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Andrew Schultz, January 9, 2015 - Reply
Yeah, it'd be neat to see the author's comments. Maybe not criticism but how everything was related. I can guess about IFComp, EctoComp and all but am more curious about the other games. Maybe a meta-meta-explanation of what games are referred to?

Either way I'm impressed every week was filled & it's motivation to me to play those games I meant to.

And, yes, it was neat to see my name in the credits.

It would be cool if the author opened up more things in the Table of Final Question Options in Inform. But until I saw the Twine source (Spoiler - click to show)and the text divided in 52 weeks I didn't know how long the random text would last. Once I saw "the trick" I worried there'd be a lot more, and (Spoiler - click to show)I think there is, in Inform 7, as many of the sentence clumps in twine go to a single sentence in I7. Perhaps there could be a third command looking through all the scenarios listed in each Twine-week. Or you might be able to go forward and backward, or even pick a random week, or the game kept track of things.

I used the up arrow to keep restarting.
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