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Andrew Schultz


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Member since November 3, 2010
Last visited March 4, 2021
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I played tons of Infocom games as a kid. I loved them. Then I discovered other people on the Internets still loved them, too.

I like to try to write, too, but it's been quite a learning experience. I'm still leaving obvious stuff out, and I'm still going in for the sort of crazily abstruse puzzles that made Infocom such a neat profit in hintbooks. But I want to learn.

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Interactive Fiction by Andrew Schultz

69105 More Keys, by Andrew Schultz (2019)
(5 ratings)

A small guessing game in two flavors. No wins or losses, just compete against yourself.

Ailihphilia, by Andrew Schultz (as N. Y. Llewellyn) (2018)
(7 ratings)
No need for aibohphobia. It's polite on the Zarfian cruelty scale -and- will let you jump to the exciting conclusion if your 2-hour judging period is almost up!

The Argument-Winner's Ghost, by Andrew Schultz (2013)
(6 ratings)

Buck the Past, by Andrew Schultz (2017)
(3 ratings)

A game with word puzzles and weird items and, eventually, self-actualization. Author's Comment: "While this is in the spirit of Problems Compound and Slicker City, there's no reason you have to...

Candy Rush Saga, by Andrew Schultz (2014)
(5 ratings)

Entry in ECTOCOMP 2014.

A Checkered Haunting, by Andrew Schultz (2016)
(5 ratings)

A Petite Mort entry for ECTOCOMP 2016.

Civil Mimic, by Andrew Schultz (2017)
(3 ratings)
Short entry for EctoComp 2017. A simple puzzle.

The Cube in the Cavern, by Andrew Schultz (2017)
(7 ratings)

A round world is scientifically ridiculous, of course, but a cube floating in air? You just might find a great scientific secret. Don't be too square to give it a try!

Dash Slapney and the Calamitous Candy Corn Cornucopia, by Andrew Schultz (2011)
(5 ratings)
Written for Ectocomp 2011. A bunch of do-gooders are out to take the chocolate fun out of halloween. You must foil them...without seeming like you did anything right.

Dash Slapney, Patrol Leader , by Andrew Schultz (2011)
(4 ratings)
You woke up late for the Klondike Derby you stand no chance of winning...unless you and your ragtag, undersized patrol can pull out a win with luck. And a bunch of items lying around your room.

Dirk, by Andrew Schultz (2015)
(2 ratings)

A retelling of a favorite game from a textual perspective.

Fan Interference, by Andrew Schultz (2011)
(7 ratings)
The 2003 Cubs are on the brink of the World Series. It's game 6, and they're even going to take a late 3-0 lead in the clinching game. They won't keep it. Unless you, who just got kicked off the...

Fingertips: I Walk Along Darkened Corridors, by Andrew Schultz (2012)
(5 ratings)
There are 1001 doors in the darkened corridors. Which is right?

Fingertips: I'm Having a Heart Attack, by Andrew Schultz (2012)
(10 ratings)
It's your time to make a statement. Make sure your nerves don't fail before your heart does.

Fourdiopolis, by Andrew Schultz (2016)
(6 ratings)

A sequel to Threediopolis. It has teleporters!

Grubbyville, by Andrew Schultz (2016)
(3 ratings)
In this game, you play as a male high school student who wants to be valedictorian. (Your Pop is even more keen on the idea.) Unfortunately, Harley Drotz got into honors Ceramics for his fine art...

Heezy Park, by Andrew Schultz (2015)
(3 ratings)

La Petite Mort entry in ECTOCOMP 2015.

Mrs. Crabtree's Geography Class, by Andrew Schultz (2012)

A challenge to go through all 48 US states without hitting any one twice! Well, actually, A playfic.com project exploring relations in Inform 7. The source is visible, so people can see how to...

The Problems Compound, by Andrew Schultz (2015)
(11 ratings)
Wherein you, Alec Smart, turn what's-thats into that's-whats.

A Roiling Original, by Andrew Schultz (2013)
(6 ratings)

Shuffling Around, by Andrew Schultz (as Ned Yompus) (2012)
(20 ratings)
A weird power to save a weird world. So you just got fired from the best company ever, and it's the best day of your life. New opportunities! New horizons! New ways to look at things! Like calling...

Slicker City, by Andrew Schultz (2016)
(8 ratings)

Years after the Problems Compound, Alec Smart still runs into reverses.

Space Suit, by Andrew Schultz (2012)
(3 ratings)
A game with no talking and a canonical puzzle.

Spider, by Andrew Schultz (2012)
(6 ratings)
A game about summer camp, government funding, and a physics problem or two. And weird robot spiders.

The Subtropical Server Room, by Andrew Schultz (2012)
It's up to you to help get the old Unix servers replaced.

Threediopolis, by Andrew Schultz (2013)
(23 ratings)
A wordplay/quasi-maze game.

Turn Around, by Andrew Schultz (2012)
(3 ratings)
A game that forces you off on tangents as you try to turn around. An experiment in parser, but hopefully not player, abuse.

Ugly Oafs, by Andrew Schultz as Perry Creel (2014)
(6 ratings)
Push back the Wrath Pulse--or find the Fry Gun to destroy it for good! A wordplay game with several ways to lose deliberately. Source code included.

Under They Thunder, by Andrew Schultz (2020)
(5 ratings)

Save OkayCo from the Flame-Lame Fey and Ed Spray-Spread! With thanks to my imaginary friends Amos and Abel Fay.

Uxmulbrufyuz, by Andrew Schultz (2017)
(3 ratings)
EctoComp 2017 entry. Quick weird abstract puzzle.

Very Vile Fairy File, by Billy Boling (2019)
(7 ratings)
Well, your name is Kerry Kyle, so you can't be the worst person to destroy the Very Vile Fairy File.

Whoah Cubs Woe, by Andrew Schultz (2018)
(1 rating)

EctoComp petite mort entry. No baseball knowledge necessary.

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Limerick Heist, by Pace Smith   November 20, 2019
""What it says on the tin" games often can run into trouble. They're limiting by the end. The risk is double with poetry. It can get..." - See the full review

Out, by Viktor Sobol   November 20, 2019
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If I Wasn't Shy, by Joey Jones   May 8, 2016
"It's always a treat to uncover something you missed. I missed it while I was beta testing. I thought I tried everything. But looking here..." - See the full review

Rameses, by Stephen Bond   August 17, 2015
"The short version of this review: in Rameses, you wait around and talk to some people where the conversation is pretty much already..." - See the full review

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Maze of Madness, by Lurkio/Ant
Space Quest: The Lost Chapter, by Vonster D Monster
No Room, by Ben Heaton
Rameses, by Stephen Bond
Zyll, by Marshal Linder and Scott Edwards (IBM)

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The Day I shot ..., by Marius Müller
Mrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret, by Jim Aikin and Eric Eve
Gaia's Web, by Nigel Jayne
Building, by Poster
Book and Volume, by Nick Montfort

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