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I played tons of Infocom games as a kid. I loved them. Then I discovered other people on the Internets still loved them, too.

I like to try to write, too, but it's been quite a learning experience. I'm still leaving obvious stuff out, and I'm still going in for the sort of crazily abstruse puzzles that made Infocom such a neat profit in hintbooks. But I want to learn.

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Interactive Fiction by Andrew Schultz

Shuffling Around, by Andrew Schultz (as Ned Yompus) (2012)
(22 ratings)
A weird power to save a weird world. So you just got fired from the best company ever, and it's the best day of your life. New opportunities! New horizons! New ways to look at things! Like calling...

Threediopolis, by Andrew Schultz (2013)
(23 ratings)
A wordplay/quasi-maze game.

Very Vile Fairy File, by Billy Boling (2019)
(7 ratings)
Well, your name is Kerry Kyle, so you can't be the worst person to destroy the Very Vile Fairy File.

Fingertips: I'm Having a Heart Attack, by Andrew Schultz (2012)
(12 ratings)
It's your time to make a statement. Make sure your nerves don't fail before your heart does.

Ailihphilia, by Andrew Schultz (as N. Y. Llewellyn) (2018)
(7 ratings)
No need for aibohphobia. It's polite on the Zarfian cruelty scale -and- will let you jump to the exciting conclusion if your 2-hour judging period is almost up!

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Games with Books/Bookshelves/Libraries - 38 votes for 27 games; created May 13, 2016
I'm interested in games with lots of books you can read through. Maybe it's just a lot of cool titles and authors. Maybe they're randomly...

Games with amusing deaths - 26 votes for 19 games; created April 7, 2015
Lots of games have one amusing death, but what games best take the concept and run with it? These deaths could be nudges on messing...

Games with non-standard directions - 23 votes for 17 games; created December 28, 2014
I'm wondering about games (primarily parser) with weird directions beyond NW/SW/SE/NE, up, down or inside/outside. I like the example in...

Reviews by Andrew Schultz

The Job, by Fredrik Ramsberg   September 27, 2021
"(NOTE: this is a review of the comp version of the game.) The author redacted themselves from the competition they created, but The Job..." - See the full review

Somewhere, Somewhen, by Jim MacBrayne   August 3, 2021
"Seeing this game place second-to-last in ParserComp was the motivation I needed to write a review. I rather liked it, and yet I can't..." - See the full review

Djinn on the Rocks, by Joshua Wilson   May 31, 2021
"Djinn on the Rocks (DotR) would be worth playing for the mechanic alone, and since it gets that and more right, it's well worth a play...." - See the full review

Captain Cutter's Treasure, by Garry Francis   May 31, 2021
"Captain Cutter's Treasure (CCT) is an impressive, small game. A pirate's daughter has been kidnapped. The ransom is some hidden treasure...." - See the full review

Pub Adventure!, by Robin & Tom Edwards   May 26, 2021
"In Pub Adventure, a ghost tasks you with making them a drink (a zombie, of course.) There aren't a lot of puzzles, and I was fortunate..." - See the full review

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Maze of Madness, by Lurkio/Ant
Space Quest: The Lost Chapter, by Vonster D Monster
No Room, by Ben Heaton
Rameses, by Stephen Bond
Zyll, by Marshal Linder and Scott Edwards (IBM)

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The Day I shot ..., by Marius Müller
Mrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret, by Jim Aikin and Eric Eve
Gaia's Web, by Nigel Jayne
Building, by Poster
Book and Volume, by Nick Montfort

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