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Works written: Very Vile Fairy File, Threediopolis, Shuffling Around, A Roiling Original, Ailihphilia, and a lot of small puzzly games.

I'm definitely more on the text adventure side of things.

I also enjoy trading works for testing.

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Interactive Fiction by Andrew Schultz

Shuffling Around, by Andrew Schultz (as Ned Yompus) (2012)
(25 ratings)
A weird power to save a weird world. So you just got fired from the best company ever, and it's the best day of your life. New opportunities! New horizons! New ways to look at things! Like calling...

Threediopolis, by Andrew Schultz (2013)
(28 ratings)
A wordplay/quasi-maze game.

Very Vile Fairy File, by Andrew Schultz (as Billy Boling) (2019)
(13 ratings)
Well, your name is Kerry Kyle, so you can't be the worst person to destroy the Very Vile Fairy File.

Fingertips: I'm Having a Heart Attack, by Andrew Schultz (2012)
(13 ratings)
It's your time to make a statement. Make sure your nerves don't fail before your heart does.

Fivebyfivia Delenda Est, by Andrew Schultz (2021)
(11 ratings)

A small puzzly text adventure with a hyperactive horse.

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My (19) January CASA/solutionarchive walkthroughs/contributions - 21 items   February 1, 2023
This month I got back into contributing to CASA. Actually, I never seriously had before. I have a year's goal of getting to 150 points,...

Polls by Andrew Schultz

Games that take place completely in museums - 15 votes for 10 games; created October 18, 2023
IFComp 2023 had a couple, and they reminded me of another I tested in Shufflecomp. I like having the ability to leave when I want and see...

One City or State or Country per Room - 8 votes for 7 games; created September 4, 2023
I'm interested in works where you have one city or state or country (or city-state) per room. David Welbourn noted that this may apply to...

Games with root beer in them - 8 votes for 7 games; created September 2, 2023
I played two entries in the Single Choice jam that made very visible references to root beer. Then I realized not many other games did...

Games with oblivion as the goal - 3 votes for 3 games; created September 2, 2023
I'm trying to look away from a noble or ignoble death or, say, Ragnarok, just a "*this is the end (no really)* effect.

Games with faceplants/heel turns at the very end - 5 votes for 5 games; created July 30, 2023
I'm looking for--well, anything that does this. Not "you are missing 4 of 5 pieces of the magic sword," but more, it could either be...

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Reviews by Andrew Schultz

Escape From Summerland, by Joey Jones and Melvin Rangasamy   September 11, 2023
"I feel Escape from Summerland may be underrated because it didn't get the IFComp reception it could have -- the authors were in a time..." - See the full review

Changes, by David Given   September 11, 2023
"Changes may have the most creative story from IFComp 2012: you wake up in the body of a rabbit, but with the mind of a human. This isn't..." - See the full review

The Purple Pearl, by Amanda Walker   September 11, 2023
"Milo van Mesdag opened the Pandora's Box of two-player interactive fiction. It explored themes of oppression and war, pitting two..." - See the full review

Bug Hunt On Menelaus, by Larry Horsfield   September 11, 2023
"I confess I've never really gotten into Larry Horsfield's work. Based on this, perhaps I should, or at least try to chip away at one of..." - See the full review

Paint!!!, by David Whyld   September 11, 2023
"There are some jokes which are Not Your Thing but still give you a chuckle. David Whyld's games are like that for me. I prefer my humor..." - See the full review

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The Best Man, by Stephen Bond
Domestic Elementalism, by fireisnormal
Lists and Lists, by Andrew Plotkin
Maze of Madness, by Lurkio/Ant
Space Quest: The Lost Chapter, by Vonster D Monster

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A Cock and Bull Story, by Theodore "Ted" C. Lim
The Cliche Adventures of a Generic Hero, by Bucky
Lux, by Agnieszka Trzaska
Erstwhile, by Aster (formally Maddie) Fialla, Marijke Perry
Berrost's Challenge, by Mark Hatfield

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