Games with root beer in them - an IFDB Poll

by Andrew Schultz
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I played two entries in the Single Choice jam that made very visible references to root beer. Then I realized not many other games did that I could think of. I had one of my own. But given I like root beer much better than Coke or Pepsi, I thought I'd see what games make reference to it.

Obviously the more prominent reference the better. If it's an option on a passing vending machine, okay. If it's an item, great!

Root beer floats count, too, and in fact get a special bonus of ... umm ... me being impressed.

Note: root beer is also known as sasparilla or sarsparilla. So those count too!

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Threediopolis, by Andrew Schultz
2 votes
"You prove your..." [+]"You prove your nonconformism drinking root beer in an illicit bar. Most normal people Coke and Pepsi in such future days." --Andrew Schultz... (No comment) [+](No comment) --David Welbourn...

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"I am inventing all this and it is about to disappear, but it does not”, by Dawn Sueoka
1 vote
"An option for the..." [+]"An option for the vending machine near/at the end" --Andrew Schultz...

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The X-Child, by Jesse Burneko
1 vote
"The root beer is..." [+]"The root beer is a crucial plot item!" --Victor Gijsbers...

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The Thick Table Tavern, by manonamora
1 vote
"More Soda than Root Beer" [+]"More Soda than Root Beer" --manonamora...

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My Name Is Soda, by Sarah Willson
1 vote
"The root beer is an NPC you drink" [+]"The root beer is an NPC you drink" --Andrew Schultz...

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