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Enjoy playing IF during down time. Just started creating my own.
Currently in the process of creating a multi-chapter fantasy IF.

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Interactive Fiction by manonamora

Crimson Rose & White Lily, by manonamora (2021)
(1 rating)
After waking up from the weirdest dream, you find yourself in a strange place, among strange people. Realizing that you barely remember anything, you soon learn of your noble position in this...

Meeting the Parents, by manonamora (2021)
Meeting the Parents Will you light a fire in the Sparks' hearts? Every relationship passes through similar milestones. First date. First kiss. First night over. First month anniversary. First trip....

SPS Iron Hammer, by manonamora (2022)

They say you have been on board the longest. How long? You are not quite sure, not anymore. You do not remember a time before the SPS Iron Hammer. You don't know how you even ended up on this...

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