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Enjoy playing IF during down time. Just started creating my own.
All my projects can be found in their final version on itch, and progress on my projects are discussed over my Tumblr.

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Interactive Fiction by manonamora

The Trials and Tribulation of Edward Harcourt, by MelS and manonamora (2022)
(10 ratings)
Friday February 2nd, 1923 My dearest friend, Such good fortune has befallen me, that I scarcely dare write you in case it is merely some joke played on me by fate. Lord knows that Fortuna has not...

Crimson Rose & White Lily, by manonamora (2021)
(4 ratings)
After waking up from the weirdest dream, you find yourself in a strange place, among strange people. Realizing that you barely remember anything, you soon learn of your noble position in this...

The Thick Table Tavern, by manonamora (2022)
(19 ratings)
One dream. Fourteen days. Serve drinks and gather enough tips to make it happen in time. Or choose chaos and mix whatever you feel like, damned the consequences....

Goncharov Escapes!, by manonamora (2022)
(3 ratings)
Play Goncharov, a Russian mobster having moved to Naples, Italy, for... err... reasons. A meeting with the local Don goes haywire, forcing you into a car chase to save your... well, Goncharov's...

The Roads not Taken, by manonamora (2023)
(6 ratings)
The Ritual awaits... Are you ready to make your choice? The one that will shape the rest of your life? Or will regret the roads not taken? This game was submitted to the 2023 Edition of the...

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Reviews by manonamora

You Bird., by Wandering Basil   June 8, 2023
"A really great take on the 500 words restrictions by removing all words except the subject and the verb. Coupled with some fun formatting..." - See the full review

Theo, by prince of the clouds   June 8, 2023
"Theo is a short cyclical piece about falling in and out of love, and doomed relationships. I honestly forgot one-two passages in that you..." - See the full review

It Was Meant to End Like This, by catsket   June 7, 2023
"This was a tragic and visceral piece, and still strangely beautiful in its violence. The small details, like the barista looking away or..." - See the full review

Concerto of Life 1st Mvt., by Alby   June 7, 2023
"This epistolary three part-er recounts the shared moments between two people through the point of view of your partner, their hopes and..." - See the full review

The Unseemly Virus, by cpollett   June 7, 2023
"Two short puzzles taking on different definitions of virus (computer/biological), where you play as an investigator (hacker?). The..." - See the full review

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All or Nothing (1973), by Autumn Chen
Under the Bridge, by Samantha Khan
The Staycation, by Maggie H
Who Shot Gum E. Bear?, by Damon L. Wakes
Approaching Horde!, by CRAIG RUDDELL

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