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Enjoy playing IF during down time. Just started creating my own.
All my projects can be found in their final version on itch, and progress on my projects are discussed over my Tumblr.

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Interactive Fiction by manonamora

The Trials and Tribulation of Edward Harcourt, by MelS and manonamora (2022)
(13 ratings)
Friday February 2nd, 1923 My dearest friend, Such good fortune has befallen me, that I scarcely dare write you in case it is merely some joke played on me by fate. Lord knows that Fortuna has not...

Crimson Rose & White Lily, by manonamora (2021)
(4 ratings)
After waking up from the weirdest dream, you find yourself in a strange place, among strange people. Realizing that you barely remember anything, you soon learn of your noble position in this...

DOL-OS, by manonamora (2023)
(4 ratings)
DOL-OS An 3XXX, vous trouvez un vieil ordinateur, une antique, dans une ruines.

The Thick Table Tavern, by manonamora (2022)
(19 ratings)
One dream. Fourteen days. Serve drinks and gather enough tips to make it happen in time. Or choose chaos and mix whatever you feel like, damned the consequences....

The Rye in the Dark City, by manonamora (2023)
(4 ratings)
Entry to the SeedComp! Play Detective Rye, a down-on-the-luck detective about to delve into a strange case... Based on the names, locations, or plot points from following seeds: The Witch's Bakery...

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2023 - Top 50 short list - 7 items   September 1, 2023
Tentative list for the Top 50 IF of 2023 It will help me remember the games that really did an impact on me... bc I am terrible at...

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Reviews by manonamora

Citizen Makane, by Perry Simm (as "The Reverend")   November 22, 2023
"Citizen Makane is an adult deckbuilding RPG, based on mythos of The Incredible Erotic Adventures of Stiffy Makane*, in a..." - See the full review

CODENAME OBSCURA, by Mika Kujala   November 22, 2023
"CODENAME OBSCURA is a relatively simple parser with a retro-vibe, reminiscing of 90s spy movies (-la James Bond), where you must rescue..." - See the full review

Xanthippe's Last Night with Socrates, by Victor Gijsbers   November 22, 2023
"Xanthippe's Last Night with Socrates is the imagined final night between Xanthippe, Socrates's second wife, and the philosopher - the..." - See the full review

All Hands, by Natasha Ramoutar   November 22, 2023
"All Hands is a short horror-y interactive piece set on a ship, one you can explore, and maybe find its secrets. Its prose is atmospheric..." - See the full review

The Whale's Keeper, by Ben Parzybok   November 22, 2023
"The Whale's Keeper is a proof-of-concept piece for the Plotopolis engine, a system where you can play IF through a chat engine like..." - See the full review

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A Goat Against The Wall, by gools
Incredible, I hate this, by Stanwixbuster
Citizen Makane, by Perry Simm (as "The Reverend")
Xanthippe's Last Night with Socrates, by Victor Gijsbers

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