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Interactive Fiction by blue/green

Molly and the Butter Thieves, by Alice Grove (as Cosmic Hamster) (2015)
(15 ratings)
You are Molly Butterfield, dairy farmer extraordinaire. In the past week there have been two mysterious butter disappearances from your own kitchen. There will not be a third. Molly and the Butter...

Delphina's House, by Alice Grove (2015)
(12 ratings)
A girl must say goodbye to her home. But there's time for one last adventure....

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Most of the games I see on the "appropriate for children" lists are pure parser IF. Are there kid friendly games that have a more...

IF of yours you'd most recommend - 41 votes for 39 games; created September 9, 2015
If someone were going to play one IF you've written, which one would you recommend? This can be based on any criteria you choose:...

IF with a sense of wonder - 50 votes for 24 games; created July 17, 2014
What interactive fiction would you recommend that evokes a sense of wonder? These could be games that capture wonder or beauty in...

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