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Interested in both choice-based interactive fiction and text adventure-style parser-based narratives.

I particularly value games and stories which build up a strong sense of atmosphere, inventive uses of Twine to tell stories in different ways, multimedia narrative, and brainteasing puzzles which tell a good story.

My current favourite IFs are Graham Nelson's Curses!, Emily Short's Bronze and Bee, Porpentine's Howling Dogs, Phantom Williams's Summit and 500 Apocalypses, and Linus Åkesson's The Impossible Bottle.

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Interactive Fiction by Wynter

Thin Walls, by Wynter (2022)
(8 ratings)
I wonder how long it will take this room to feel like mine, this house to feel like home. I wonder when I will actually get to meet Eddie, the landlord. It's almost as if the house itself is...

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Reviews by Wynter

Bee, by Emily Short   September 21, 2022
"I had long marked Bee for reading one day, but was disappointed to see that it was no longer available as the original platform was now..." - See the full review

First Things First, by J. Robinson Wheeler   June 4, 2022
"NOTE: as explained below, I think there are a couple of bugs in the "play online" versions: read on if you are stuck. I'd been looking..." - See the full review

The Hole Man, by E.Z. Poschman   May 20, 2022
"I've often wondered what it would be like to write a full-length novel in Twine which branched off in all kinds of different directions,..." - See the full review

New Year's Eve, 2019, by Autumn Chen   April 16, 2022
"You are Qiuyi/Karen Zhao, a young Chinese-American who is home from university and celebrating New Year's Eve with friends and family -..." - See the full review

Ned Nelson Really Needs a Job, by Eric Crepeau   December 28, 2021
"Twine can be used for storytelling: it can be poignant, sensitive and subtle. Or it can be used for gameplaying, with divergent paths..." - See the full review

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Bee, by Emily Short
The Impossible Stairs, by Mathbrush
First Things First, by J. Robinson Wheeler
Wry, by Olaf Nowacki
Confessing to a Witch, by HeckinRobin

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five poems., by actuallydael
A Day for Soft Food, by Tod Levi
Holography, by Emily Short
80 DAYS, by inkle, Meg Jayanth
The Mulldoon Legacy, by Jon Ingold

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