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Interested in both choice-based interactive fiction and text adventure-style parser-based narratives.

I particularly value works which build up a strong sense of atmosphere, inventive uses of Twine to tell stories in different ways, multimedia narrative, and brainteasing puzzles which tell a good story.

My current favourite IF works are Graham Nelson's Curses!, Emily Short's Bronze, Porpentine's Howling Dogs, Phantom Williams's Summit, and Linus Åkesson's The Impossible Bottle.

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The Impossible Bottle, by Linus Åkesson   June 7, 2021
"I came to this game with high expectations, having previously played Tethered by the same author. The Impossible Bottle is diametrically..." - See the full review

Summit, by Phantom Williams   April 4, 2021
"What a strange and beautiful piece of interactive fiction! Summit is based on a startling idea: that human beings must periodically expel..." - See the full review

Babyface, by Mark Sample   March 28, 2021
"In this Twine short story, a great sense of atmosphere and suspense is created, not just by the use of images and sound, excellent as..." - See the full review

Bloom, by Caelyn Sandel   January 15, 2021
"An interactive novella about coming out as transgender in early adulthood. This is a Twine production that really feels like reading a..." - See the full review

Metamorphoses, by Emily Short   January 9, 2021
"A text adventure with a twist: all of the objects can be altered, both in size and in substance (e.g. changed from metal into wood). So..." - See the full review

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