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Interested in both choice-based interactive fiction and text adventure-style parser-based narratives.

I particularly like games and stories which build up a strong sense of atmosphere, inventive uses of Twine to tell stories in different ways, multimedia narrative, and brainteasing puzzles which tell a good story.

My current favourite IFs are Graham Nelson's Curses!, G. K Wennstrom's Finding Martin Emily Short's Bronze and Bee, Porpentine's Howling Dogs, Phantom Williams's Summit and 500 Apocalypses, and Linus Åkesson's The Impossible Bottle.

Interactive Fiction by Wynter

Thin Walls, by Wynter (2022)
(8 ratings)
I wonder how long it will take this room to feel like mine, this house to feel like home. I wonder when I will actually get to meet Eddie, the landlord. It's almost as if the house itself is...

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Finding Martin, by G.K. Wennstrom   January 16, 2024
"One day, completely out of the blue, you get a phone call from Rachel Kessler, the sister of your old university room-mate, Martin. He's..." - See the full review

Metamorphoses, by Emily Short   January 16, 2024
"A text adventure with a twist: without giving too much away, the player has much more freedom to imagine what can be done with the..." - See the full review

Structural Integrity, by Tabitha O'Connell   May 17, 2023
"This falls into the genre of slice-of-life relationship-based stories, centring on a disagreement between a couple and how it ties into..." - See the full review

Red Door Yellow Door, by Charm Cochran   May 17, 2023
"Four girls are playing a kind of Bloody Mary-style psychological/supernatural game, in which one of them enters another world: just how..." - See the full review

Etiolated Light, by Lassiter W.   May 17, 2023
"A short/medium-length Twine narrative about being pushed into an early marriage with the child of a strange, wealthy couple, and going to..." - See the full review

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