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Interested in both choice-based interactive fiction and text adventure-style parser-based narratives.

I particularly value works which build up a strong sense of atmosphere, inventive uses of Twine to tell stories in different ways, multimedia narrative, and brainteasing puzzles which tell a good story.

My current favourite IF works are Graham Nelson's Curses!, Emily Short's Bronze, Porpentine's Howling Dogs, Phantom Williams's Summit, and Linus Åkesson's The Impossible Bottle.

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Ned Nelson Really Needs a Job, by Eric Crepeau   December 28, 2021
"Twine can be used for storytelling: it can be poignant, sensitive and subtle. Or it can be used for gameplaying, with divergent paths..." - See the full review

Eidolon, by A.D. Jansen   December 28, 2021
"This is one of the most atmospheric and evocative Twine stories that I have read. The things you see and read on your mysterious journey..." - See the full review

Tethered, by Linus Åkesson   December 26, 2021
"I first played Tethered two years ago, and it must have been one of the first parser games that I played, so it took me a few days to get..." - See the full review

9:05, by Adam Cadre   October 10, 2021
"A short game about getting up in the morning and going to work, but with a twist ending. Plays with your expectations - there are some..." - See the full review

500 Apocalypses, by Phantom Williams   August 30, 2021
"Having previously read Summit, I was hoping for something good from Phantom Williams, and got it - not a story, but hundreds of fragments..." - See the full review

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my father's long, long legs, by michael lutz
Eidolon, by A.D. Jansen
9:05, by Adam Cadre
Traveler, by Caelyn Sandel
500 Apocalypses, by Phantom Williams

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