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Interactive Fiction by Joshua Houk

Submerge, by Joshua Houk (as Carlos Percival Saldanha) (2015)
(8 ratings)

"You could see the damage immediately. Open scar in her hull. Aside from that, nothing too bad. Some barnacles have already started attaching themselves to the underside. Some paint peeling where...

IF is Dead. Long Live IF., by Joshua Houk (2014)
(7 ratings)

Reaction/recap/wrap-up for the 2014 Annual Interactive Fiction Competition... in Twine. The author discusses their reactions to the 2014 IFComp with their 10 year younger self who had just started...

City of the Living Dead, by Joshua Houk (as Tanah Atkinson) (2014)
(7 ratings)

Entry in ECTOCOMP 2014. Entered under the pseudonym "Tanah Atkinson".

You Were Here, by Joshua Houk (2015)
(6 ratings)

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