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Vividity, by Ben Scott
I would like to see more..., May 31, 2015

But game wouldn't get past the first section, at the area where you enter your choice of gender. Perhaps fixing this might allow players to see your potential in puzzles and overwriting.

Mansion Escape, by Sarah Potter

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Error Launching Game, May 23, 2015

I attempted to open the game, but it gave the 'Error Launching Game' message. Opening it on HTMLTADS doesn't seem to work either, as it brought me to a browser. Mind taking a look at it? Thanks.

Garden of Steven, by Soda51

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Indeed a time waster..., May 8, 2015

Yes. To make it clear to all of you, this game is crap. it's just some pictures based on the beginning of humanity based on the Bible and the text 'God made Adam and Eve, not Adam (Random names when clicked on) and Steve (More random names when clicked on).

Is this game suppose to be funny? I guess so. But why put religious into the genre then? It will probably insult those out there who actually takes religion seriously.

I know Altgames are supposed to be different from those games that we play normally. It's something alternate to generic IF games, you see. In this case, having one sentence and random names that appear when clicked on doesn't count as a 'game'. Call it a waste of time.

This is an abysmal game made by Fear of Twine, who I at first assumed makes playable and interesting games. Looks like I'm wrong here. If this review isn't enough, give it your try yourself. You will regret it.

You Were Here, by Joshua Houk

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Just an overview of 2014, nothing more..., January 9, 2015

When I opened this game for the first time, I though that I've been scammed. I looked down and saw the 'Do you want to restart, restore...." text. Just before closing the game and deleting it, I remembered that it was a meta-game, which isn't really your normal IF game.

Upon typing ABOUT, I saw names. Way too many of them. It seemed to me that this game involved more than 50 authors in creating it! After quickly restarting the game and starting to read the text, it was pretty much disappointing. What I'm reading is the first part of some IF game released last year. There's no title of what game it's suppose to be too, so I had no idea how I'm going to relate the text to anything. You can't do anything unless you actually played ALL the IF games published this year, which I guess is in the hundreds.

Typing RESTART again brings you yet to another set of text, which you are suppose to guess what you are reading. The next result is always randomized, which sounds nice, but might eventually bring you back to what you've read earlier. Most of the text are short, but you can find some long ones to read once in a while.

Some of the games that I've recognized included Hill 160 and Aleticorp, though a significant portion of text included are in a foreign language, like German or French? I'm not too sure myself. It's too bad I couldn't understand them, or it might have made the experience more enjoyable.

While playing, I constantly wished for a better and easier way to play this game, rather than typing RESTART every time I read the text. Maybe a 'G' or something?

Basically, this is an unique game, but it's presented in the wrong way. Rather than just putting some words that is expected for people to understand, a title of what the text is about or maybe more interaction is definitely appreciated! Maybe one or two turns of the games included in You were here!

So if you have nothing much to do, you can just check how IF is going with this game. There are 2 versions of this game, one for Twine and another for the Z-machine. I recommend the Twine version, unless you want to keep typing RESTART every 10 seconds in the game. 2014 isn't too bad a year for text adventures, so I what you read shouldn't be too bad! Thanks for reading!

Chipotle Simulator, by SahibdeepNann

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An Ultra Realistic Burrito Eating Sim, December 20, 2014

Whenever you feel hungry, just try out this humourous game. It showcases one eating a burrito with extremely detailed choices. Best of all, it never ends so you can just eat and eat over again!

Fallen London, by Failbetter Games

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Not your typical IF game.., December 10, 2014

The moment you turn the game on, you can see that it's very different to what you are used to playing. Instead of being a parser-command game, a CYOA choice game (Twine), or even a Choicescript game, Fallen London is more of a very basic point and click game. Reminds me of those games that you can play on FB.

Fallen London stars you as a man from the Victorian ages, where basically everything around you is dark and dull. It was a age when the poor, well, lived a really hard and rough life while the rich just gets to slack away with all the money that they had in their sacks.

You start the game by escaping a small prison using your brains and brawns and starting life anew from there. There's plenty of places to go, and plenty of things to do. There's even opportunities for you that is in the form of cards which you can select. Opportunities usually gives you interesting scenarios and jobs to perform, such as (Spoiler - click to show)a man who happens to be chased by the 'supernatural', and thieves asking for your help to assist them in stealing some jewels.

After playing this game for a while, it starts to resemble a board game that I used to play called Elder Signs: Omens, or at least its game on Android. It had Lovecraftian and dark themes, and this game is not too far behind in terms of similarity (No Cthulhu, sorry). You really need to have some luck when you take on the choices, because if you lose to the other 49%, there goes your reward and upgrades that are so desperately needed.

Overall, this game is a must to play whenever you have some spare time. You won't regret it. Just give it a try and you will find yourself sucked into the immersive world of Fallen London.

Note: The in-game currency is bad.

Ghost Highland Way, by Harry Giles

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Game seems polished.., December 7, 2014

But honestly, there should have been English translations in the game. I don't really feel like translating every sentence into English using the dictionary.

The dictionary fails to translate the sentences, though I did it the right way. Perhaps I need to put it in word by word, therefore increasing my time trying to understand what the game is trying to say.

An update that adds English into it will be appreciated. Thanks for reading!

IF is Dead. Long Live IF., by Joshua Houk

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Basically, it's a review of the IF Comp 2014.., November 26, 2014

Try out this game if you are lazy to look up reviews on the Comp games. Found it nice! :)

Coming Out Simulator 2014, by Nicky Case
A very unique CYOA, November 21, 2014

Well, I have to admit, I never thought CYOA games can be this good. I usually looked down on them, thinking parser commanded games were the best, till I saw this game. The story and interface are great, something that you can't really find in these type of games.

In this game, the main story is about (Spoiler - click to show)a homosexual/bisexual person trying to tell his parents the truth about himself, which is of course, really hard for anyone to do, especially if they are really conservative Asian parents (no racism intended).

The story really touches me, and it shows that not everyone is the same. Some are... unlucky enough to get the Klinefelter syndrome (look it up on the internet!). Conversations are really interesting and really shows what happens in real life if you encounter those situations. (Spoiler - click to show)The mother puking just made me laugh!

Overall, this is a very well made game and is recommended to everyone who loves these slice of life games. I really hope to see more unique and interesting games by the author soon!

The Train To Abaddon, by Marshal Tenner Winter

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A Decent Steampunk Game!, November 16, 2014

This game is as it promises to be as stated on the game's page. It's short, it's interesting, and it's fun. Games made by Marshal are usually interesting to play and this one is not different.

The game itself is quite minimal, which would serve well as a Speed-IF game. It lacks a in-game hint menu, but since it's quite short, it won't really affect anything. As one of the reviews above states, nothing really goes on in the train. But I am pretty sure that is what will happen in a real attacked train, with the exception of random people running around. More NPC's implemented will definitely improve the game.

The puzzles in this game aren't too hard and mostly uses common sense. When I (Spoiler - click to show)had to fight the clockwork man, the only thing I had in my inventory was the bucket. Why not try using it? In the end, it worked! Shooting it had no effect.

But I'm currently stuck at 1 puzzle that I have no way of solving. (Spoiler - click to show)At the end, there are these robot dogs that I'm suppose to destroy. I found the gem, but I don't really have anything to deal with the robots. Poor Cloe died when I tried to shoot them. I guess I was suppose to use the bucket of sand, but it's too bad that I used it on the robot man.

Having some achievements to earn in the game is also a plus. It gives some extra replay value into the game, though we might be left in the dark if we don't actually know what do we have to achieve. Perhaps making an ABOUT menu with the list will help. A walkthrough will be appreciated too!

Overall, this game has potential to work out fine. More NPC's and some hints to help players help will make it work out nicely. Time for a version 2.0!

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