Ghost Highland Way

by Harry Giles


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Game seems polished.., December 7, 2014

But honestly, there should have been English translations in the game. I don't really feel like translating every sentence into English using the dictionary.

The dictionary fails to translate the sentences, though I did it the right way. Perhaps I need to put it in word by word, therefore increasing my time trying to understand what the game is trying to say.

An update that adds English into it will be appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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Joey Jones, December 8, 2014 - Reply
I don't think a translation is strictly necessary, most Scots is mutually comprehensible with English, just read it out loud. Certainly every sentence doesn't need translating.
BlitzWithGuns, December 9, 2014 - Reply
Hmm. guess you are right. Didn't try reading out loud and tried reading it instead lol
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