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Not your typical IF game.., December 10, 2014

The moment you turn the game on, you can see that it's very different to what you are used to playing. Instead of being a parser-command game, a CYOA choice game (Twine), or even a Choicescript game, Fallen London is more of a very basic point and click game. Reminds me of those games that you can play on FB.

Fallen London stars you as a man from the Victorian ages, where basically everything around you is dark and dull. It was a age when the poor, well, lived a really hard and rough life while the rich just gets to slack away with all the money that they had in their sacks.

You start the game by escaping a small prison using your brains and brawns and starting life anew from there. There's plenty of places to go, and plenty of things to do. There's even opportunities for you that is in the form of cards which you can select. Opportunities usually gives you interesting scenarios and jobs to perform, such as (Spoiler - click to show)a man who happens to be chased by the 'supernatural', and thieves asking for your help to assist them in stealing some jewels.

After playing this game for a while, it starts to resemble a board game that I used to play called Elder Signs: Omens, or at least its game on Android. It had Lovecraftian and dark themes, and this game is not too far behind in terms of similarity (No Cthulhu, sorry). You really need to have some luck when you take on the choices, because if you lose to the other 49%, there goes your reward and upgrades that are so desperately needed.

Overall, this game is a must to play whenever you have some spare time. You won't regret it. Just give it a try and you will find yourself sucked into the immersive world of Fallen London.

Note: The in-game currency is bad.

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Hanon Ondricek, December 11, 2014 - Reply
Good review, although the player does not need to be a man. The player can also choose female or neither male nor female, and also the romance options are gender neutral so nothing is ever closed off to you.
BlitzWithGuns, December 12, 2014 - Reply
Thanks for pointing that out! Just noticed that, but usually men played more roles in Victorian London, so I just assumed that the character was a guy.
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