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Science Fiction

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I would like to see more..., May 31, 2015

But game wouldn't get past the first section, at the area where you enter your choice of gender. Perhaps fixing this might allow players to see your potential in puzzles and overwriting.

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Ben Scott, June 6, 2015 - Reply
Yikes, guys.

I'm developing this. I'm actively writing it, I just wanted to make sure I was doing things right with TADS, and that it would run. I'll try not to disappoint.

Edit: Also, I just found out the ifarchive moved my builds, so that's been fixed. They have escaped ifarchives/unprocessed.
BlitzWithGuns, June 6, 2015 - Reply
Ahhh... But if you were developing it, why post it to IFDB at the start? This is a place for completed games, and not really for WIPs.

It is best to send it to friends or put it on a beta-test site to make sure that everything works fine instead.
Ben Scott, June 7, 2015 - Reply
Because I have no idea what I am doing. (=

This will be a completed game in short order, I'm past the stage of wrestling with the IDE and I'm pretty much in full-authorship mode. The ones uploaded now are functional, but there's not much to do yet. I put a lot of work into the atmosphere of the rooms, though.

Anyways, please don't delete me, I've got a story to tell!
BlitzWithGuns, June 7, 2015 - Reply
Ok, sure! I hope to see a completed game soon. You're the people who will bring parser back to life in the near future! (One of the very few ppl who actually used TADS to create a game these days).
Ben Scott, June 7, 2015 - Reply
You basically have to be a programmer to author with it. I tried Inform 7 first, and it was _godawful_, loosely-specified, and imprecise. The downside is I can't build to the Z-Machine, which is vexing.

I wonder if I can write / appropriate a javascript interpreter to embed in my own website. I should probably put a link to the github repo in the page description: you can have the source and builds if you'd like.
BlitzWithGuns, June 8, 2015 - Reply
Sure! I will take a look at it, Ben.

I'm attempting to use Inform 7 to create a game, with decent results, but when I tried changing to TADS, I couldn't even make a door. That shows how bad I am in coding, haha. It's really one of my dreams to learn C++ and become an actual 'programmer', not those Twine programming, but real barebones stuff. Books don't help me as I don't know how exactly to apply something I learnt, so I will need the help from someone to know my way around these stuffs.

I'm sure that you will be able to do write that, if you're good enough in Javascript. I'll be seeing your site to check on the progress, mate! :)
<blank>, May 31, 2015 - Reply
Wait a second, you can't get past the gender selection? Can't you navigate to other rooms? There are some rooms in there.

It's also strange that the online version doesn't ask for name or gender.
BlitzWithGuns, June 1, 2015 - Reply
Nopee, HTMLTADS just crashes as soon as I attempted to input a command, thus not allowing me to explore the rooms. The online version just brought me to an empty page which says that the game isn't available. Strange.
<blank>, June 1, 2015 - Reply
Yes, it's very strange, because I can navigate some rooms (haven't looked into it in depth because of the author's own disclaimer) in HTML Tads myself, offline. Online works too, if I click the PLAY ONLINE button.
<blank>, May 31, 2015 - Reply
Here's how the author first described this:

"A half finished implementation of a half finished story of a half-baked idea, uploaded only to see if it works with the web ui."

At the time I wondered why this was here at all. Now it seems to be a placeholder for a WIP. Which is not really what IFDB is about.
BlitzWithGuns, May 31, 2015 - Reply
Well, I didn't expect that it would that he will take what he said that far. Thought that it would be a working demo that will last for 5-10 minutes. Perhaps the 'puzzle' he mentioned was trying to somehow extract the source from the game and recreate it in such a way that you can get pass the gender selection.

If this is what IF'Database' is going to become, a place for unimplemented WIP and empty game entries with no evidence of game releases (There are plenty. Look through the past few months and you can see those new releases which don't have any downloads or links in them. One of the moderators assured me that the authors are of no harm to the database, but seriously, a game called Test12345? For these things, there is a place called Intfiction where one can put up beta tests and interesting game releases on that doesn't cause issues)
<blank>, May 31, 2015 - Reply
Hey, I'm all against this sort of thing. I used to automatically rate non-games the lowest rating until the game was actually released. One author actually had the gall to ask me "Why did you rate it one star if you never even played it?". The game never actually got released, either.

I just don't bother anymore. I wish there was a way to flag some entries for removal, so they could be reviewed by someone appointed to the task (or maybe Michael Roberts himself) and the entries could be removed. Then when the game was finished the author could make a proper entry.
BlitzWithGuns, June 1, 2015 - Reply
I know, right! That is the current problem of IFDB. As I mentioned, the person who is in charge of moderating the site doesn't seem to bother about it, as it 'doesn't cause any trouble to players'. Of course it doesn't. What it causes is irritation among other players that the game release they took some effort to click and download (if a game is indeed released, but just a unimplemented buggy mess) just has nothing valuable of any sorts. In short, it makes people unhappy and annoyed.

If this feature of reporting or deleting worthless posts gets implemented, it will make many feel happier.
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