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The Case of LeAnne's Missing Bunny, Wendy, by Ryan Veeder   January 5, 2016
"Please make the game available for download and offline playing. Not everyone likes playing on the web browser, and iFrotz is MUCH better..." - See the full review

., by .   November 1, 2015
"FWIW, this game seems to be gone - but it has been uploaded into the archive, so it's currently in the UNPROCESSED directory, for anyone..." - See the full review

Cattalonia, by Joshua Jackson   October 27, 2015
"I'm sorry to say that if you point the game file to your hard drive, no one else will be able to access it. ;) You have to upload it..." - See the full review

This Was A Man, by Piratescarfy   April 30, 2015
"Please provide a link for your game."

just sleep..., by yiusa   April 18, 2015
"Note to the author: you can't link a game directly from your hard drive. You'll have to upload it somwehere and link it from there. If..." - See the full review

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