The Case of LeAnne's Missing Bunny, Wendy

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Please make the game available for download and offline playing, January 5, 2016

Please make the game available for download and offline playing. Not everyone likes playing on the web browser, and iFrotz is MUCH better suited to playing .gblorb files than any web browser can be on an iPod.

I mean, I was able to open the .js file, and decode it from base64, and I was able to get the game that way... but it's not really fair to ask people to do that.

(this "non-review" to be deleted if a downloadable version of the game is released)

EDIT - And, as with most Quixe games I've played (all of them yours, actually), there's a one- or two-second delay after every command I enter. This has a cumulative effect, and if I had to play a game like that all the way it wouldn't be long before I was frustrated into quitting. This is a non-issue with offline, terp-based playing.

EDIT - Whoever decided it was worth spending a few seconds of their life saying this review wasn't helpful... it's not a review, it's the one method of reaching the author I haven't tried yet, and I didn't rate the game. So your gesture is pointless. But thanks for playing. Next contestant!

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