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Hill 160, by Mike Gerwat

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A Great WWI Game!, November 15, 2014

I really have no idea why other people are giving bad comments about this game. Seriously, it's probably one of the best war IF's you can find! It has everything, story, shooting, and detail.

The amount of description given per scene really brings out the atmosphere of the Great War. I even found out about new things from this game that I never knew before. (There was a cafe in the battlefield??)

This game is very well around 30 minutes to an hour, which is counted very long for an IF competition. It took me a while to reach the end of the game, maybe around 50 minutes? It's not long because of backtracking, but because it has too much things to do.

You will meet plenty of interesting NPC's in this game. Some will help you out and some will... go AWOL... You can talk to them plenty and get them to help you out in certain puzzles, which is interesting.

One issue that many people had while playing this game was the 'You have examined the backpack already' phrase. Well, I didn't really have a problem with that and found a way to overcome it. You just have to close your pack and reopen it and voila, you can reread the descriptions. Though its taxing, it's better than nothing.

There's some random times when you just get shot in the head and die. Well, that's war, and unlike in real life, you can just magically undo your death and start over again from your last turn.

Therefore, this is a good game, but if it gets a rerelease with new features and improved feedback, it will then get 5 stars.

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