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lucid dreaming or sleep paralysis - 5 items   June 9, 2018
Please, add what you find/know to the corresponding poll. https://ifdb.org/poll?id=ebdt8yrx99qgls80 These are not all recommended for...

Recommended list - 9 items   January 21, 2018

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lucid dreaming and/or sleep paralysis themed games - 6 votes for 6 games; created June 8, 2018
What it says on the tin. ^

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Der onirische Garten, by Dara   June 8, 2018
"Featuring a little , a small and having a neat setting and likewise short fluff-story. In game hints..." - See the full review

The Relief of Impact, by Ghoulnoise   April 22, 2018
"You just read/watch/listen and get to click a few mouse-over hilighted words. Little interactivity but the theme of this also does not..." - See the full review