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Less-linear Twine Games - 23 votes for 14 games; created December 8, 2016
Twine (or other hypertext) games where your decisions make a significant difference, and the story changes significantly based on them...

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Ladykiller in a Bind, by Christine Love   October 16, 2019
"Extremely well done erotic scenes, with a variety of light-hearted humor thrown in throughout the novel."

The Silence of the Night, by vrusciante   February 22, 2017
"The writing style leaves a bit to be desired, its too terse and leaves much unexplained. The pictures do help with that considerably, but..." - See the full review

A Midsummer Night's Choice, by Kreg Segall   February 22, 2017
"It was quite well-written and amusing, with a fair bit of replayability. I was laughing through a good section of it. It is one of my..." - See the full review

Nights in Boulder, by Zane Fulton   February 21, 2017
"It was fairly well-written, and fairly interesting. That said, I tend to prefer less linear twine games."

Summonr, by Bryce Duzan   February 21, 2017
"It was a bit too linear for my tastes, more of a short story than a game, but was fairly well-written. The game could be improved by..." - See the full review

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