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I rate games based on writing, puzzles, coherence, and and how well the game is remembered by me.

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Interactive Fiction by Max Fog

Milliways: the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, by Max Fog (2023)
(7 ratings)
In Milliways: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, every step you take has an equal probability of sending you over the edge of perilous cliff drops or spinning into the stratosphere. But...

BEER, by Max Fog (2024)
(2 ratings)
Look, it's easy. Just walk in, grab the beer, buy it, and leave. It's simple. Written by those with no experience but the words of others. Beta testing by manonamora. Originally for the REALLY BAD...

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Order of my favourite Infocom games, top being favourite.These are only of those i have played.

Favourite games - 20 items   December 9, 2023
I use this list to remind myself what are good games and what to replay. Also, you guys might agree! (By the way, I can't see what I'm...

Polls by Max Fog

THE BEST OF THE FAKE TROLL GAMES - 4 votes for 4 games; created April 3, 2024
Like, games that have a blurb that is seemingly a troll game (like SPY INTRIGUE, as an obvious example) but then very soon after you...

Longer optimization games - 9 votes for 5 games; created December 6, 2023
Im looking for some games of more like 30 minute length, that are optimization based. And succeed in pulling it off. If you have some...

Cruel IFComp winners - 3 votes for 3 games; created November 25, 2023
Any game which got awarded high in IFComp that isn't necessarily Merciful or Polite in Zarfian Cruelty Standards. Or at least games that...

CCTV cameras at the heart of it - 10 votes for 7 games; created September 6, 2023
I'm looking for a game that uses CCTV cameras (or surveillance of some kind) as an important part of the game.

Reviews by Max Fog

WWII Elevator Escape, by Kenneth Pedersen   April 7, 2024
"This game was a light little puzzle about escaping a building. The puzzles were short and time-limited, and it felt a few times like I..." - See the full review

Milliways: the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, by Max Fog   April 2, 2024
"For context on why this game is what it is: " - See the full review

Dr Ludwig and the Devil, by SV Linwood   April 2, 2024
"Everything was watertight. Even more so than the Devilís contract. There were very little mistakes (other than a missing full stop for..." - See the full review

how do i love you?, by Sophia de Augustine   April 1, 2024
"Okay. I have to disagree with my own title for this review. It's not even close to home for me. I've never dated anyone. I can't say I've..." - See the full review

stomping grounds, by Sophia de Augustine   April 1, 2024
"The writing of this game was superb. I want to put it out there, before I can say anything else. Now, I'm not gifted at writing reviews..." - See the full review

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