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Interactive Fiction by Lance Cirone

Eliza's Unbearable Awkward Reunion!, by Lance Cirone (2023)
(2 ratings)
This game is now permanently unavailable.

Sprinklepills!, by Lance Cirone (2023)
(3 ratings)
This game is now permanently unavailable.

Bradisson Rayburn's Revenge!, by Lance Cirone (2024)
You've always wanted to be on a game show, and now you finally are! Can you overcome host Bradisson Rayburn's challenges as you cheat your way to victory? A short, classic-style parser game....

Jimin, Ari, and Shush, by Lance Cirone (2023)
(1 rating)

Three childhood friends -- Jimin, Ari, and Shush -- must adventure to find an item to help Shush's mother's emergent bakery. Conflicts arise when Shush's adorable little brother, Plush, joins in,...

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My Underrated Gems - 5 items   April 20, 2023
A few of my favorite IF games that just need more love. Some of these are particularly deep cuts, but they're all high quality and worth...

Polls by Lance Cirone

Games with Replay Value - 19 votes for 13 games; created February 13, 2023
These are games that you can come to again and again, even after you beat them. It could be a story-heavy game where you won't connect...

Exactly What It Says on the Tin - 12 votes for 9 games; created January 2, 2023
Titles are a complex art. Sometimes they're deep and metaphorical. Sometimes they're catchy and fun to read out loud. Sometimes they're...

Reviews by Lance Cirone

Midnight Snack, by I.F. Zerosix   July 5, 2024
"Midnight Snack is an beginner-friendly game revolving around getting out of bed, making and eating a sandwich, and going back to sleep...." - See the full review

One Does Not Simply Fry, by Stewart C Baker and James Beamon   June 11, 2024
"One Does Not Simply Fry is fully aware of how ridiculous its premise is, but goes full-force with it, and that's why I love it. It's a..." - See the full review

The Wand, by Arthur DiBianca   June 4, 2024
"The Wand revolves around a single core mechanic that the game never runs out of creative ways to use. You have a wand with three colored..." - See the full review

Transporter, by Andrew Laker   June 2, 2024
"Transporter has flown under the radar, with basically no documentation or acknowledgement of its existence until Garry Francis beat it..." - See the full review

Top Floor Please, by Lokman Salikoon   May 17, 2024
"This game sees you invited to a party in a mysterious hotel. You travel to various floors to gather what you need to set it up, while..." - See the full review

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Played Games

DOL-OS, by manonamora
Midnight Snack, by I.F. Zerosix
i wish you were dead., by Sofía Abarca
One Does Not Simply Fry, by Stewart C Baker and James Beamon
The Wand, by Arthur DiBianca

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Wish List

Milk Party Palace, by Alon Karmi & Glenn Parker
Merk, by Jesse McGrew and Kate Matthews
Lowell's Paradise, by Jesse McGrew
The Play, by Dietrich Squinkifer (Squinky)
Beef, Beans, Grief, Greens, by Andrew Schultz

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