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I've been here before, but I couldn't tell you when!

Sprinklepills! is out now!

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Interactive Fiction by Lance Cirone

Eliza's Unbearable Awkward Reunion!, by Lance Cirone (2023)
(2 ratings)
Everyone does crazy things when they're 20! You didn't think you'd have to deal with your old girlfriend (you were together a week) coming back! But now you've gotta face the music... and your...

Sprinklepills!, by Lance Cirone (2023)
(3 ratings)
Sprinklepills! An idea without a purpose. Convince your potential investors to buy into your new invention. Short, less than 500 words game made for the Neo Twiny Jam.

Jimin, Ari, and Shush, by Lance Cirone (2023)
(1 rating)

Three childhood friends -- Jimin, Ari, and Shush -- must adventure to find an item to help Shush's mother's emergent bakery. Conflicts arise when Shush's adorable little brother, Plush, joins in,...

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My Underrated Gems - 5 items   April 20, 2023
A few of my favorite IF games that just need more love. Some of these are particularly deep cuts, but they're all high quality and worth...

Polls by Lance Cirone

Games with Replay Value - 19 votes for 13 games; created February 13, 2023
These are games that you can come to again and again, even after you beat them. It could be a story-heavy game where you won't connect...

Exactly What It Says on the Tin - 11 votes for 8 games; created January 2, 2023
Titles are a complex art. Sometimes they're deep and metaphorical. Sometimes they're catchy and fun to read out loud. Sometimes they're...

Reviews by Lance Cirone

Assembly, by Ben Kirwin   October 6, 2023
"I beta tested Assembly. In the process, I ran into many wardrobe-related mishaps, proving that "HINDER" was more than living up to its..." - See the full review

Honk!, by Alex Harby   October 3, 2023
"I got to be a beta tester for Honk!, and the game blew me away. The game takes place in and around a circus, where the performances are..." - See the full review

my father's long, long legs, by michael lutz   July 29, 2023
"This story relies on the "nothing is scarier" school of thought, and it pulls it off really well. You play the story as an outsider, not..." - See the full review

The Evolution of Trust, by NICKY CASE   July 18, 2023
"I came across The Evolution of Trust a few years back, and the game's always stuck in my mind since then. It's an interesting little..." - See the full review

(12:35), by I'm L   July 4, 2023
"I really enjoyed this game. It's presented as a traditional Discord conversation between friends: there's some drama over one of your..." - See the full review

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Repeat : Return : Reprise, by Michael Coorlim
Assembly, by Ben Kirwin
Honk!, by Alex Harby
my father's long, long legs, by michael lutz
So You Have a Knife at Your Throat, by Natasha Luna

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One Final Pitbull Song (at the End of the World), by Paige Morgan
Curses, by Graham Nelson
Beat Witch, by Robert Patten
One Does Not Simply Fry, by Stewart C Baker and James Beamon

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