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52 year old IT analyst, Wine Buff and Arsenal supporter. IF acolyte. A bit battered with pieces falling off.

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Excellent IF Games With Unfair Puzzles - 5 items   May 18, 2017
A Selection Of Enjoyable IF That Contain(s) Ridiculous Puzzles. All the games mentioned are enjoyable to me and of a very high standard...

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Kingdom of Hamil, by Jonathan Partington   April 20, 2021
"With Kingdom of Hamil , or just Hamil as it was originally known in its mainframe form, the author Jonathan Partington chose to be a..." - See the full review

Parc, by John Rennie   March 18, 2021
"Parc by John Rennie is one of the lesser known of the Phoenix IBM mainframe adventures written between 1978 and 1989 and also one of the..." - See the full review

Mirror of Khoronz, by Derek Haslam   January 17, 2021
"Derek has written an updated and extended version of this game for the above mentioned platform. He has asked me to upload the new game..." - See the full review

The Kingdom of Klein, by Melvyn E. Wright and Dave M. Johnson   January 16, 2021
"Holy Mother of Mary this game is tedious. You may have thought watching gravy congeal was tedious but that would be a positive adrenalin..." - See the full review

The New Castle, by Dan Gahlinger   January 6, 2021
"Dan Gahlinger is to be congratulated on his memory in recreating this long lost old VAX mainframe program. It has a lot of potential as a..." - See the full review

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A Flustered Duck, by Jim Aikin
T-Zero, by Dennis Cunningham
The New Castle, by Dan Gahlinger
Captivity, by Jim Aikin