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55 year old IT analyst, Wine Buff and Arsenal supporter. IF acolyte. A bit battered with pieces falling off. Lover of the Seventies and cheese. Although not cheese from the Seventies as it tends to be a bit too mouldy.

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A Selection Of Enjoyable IF That Contain(s) Ridiculous Puzzles. All the games mentioned are enjoyable to me and of a very high standard...

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The Most Humorous Scenarios /Characters in IF - 8 votes for 8 games; created August 1, 2022
I was recently re-essaying Castle Ralf and if you "Cogitate" in a certain location there is a seemingly authentic sequence which appears...

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I mean games that have no posted solutions. I realise that a lot of these could be buggy and therefore unfinishable but some will be just...

Games With Unfair Beginnings - 18 votes for 12 games; created October 7, 2021
By this I mean games that can be made unwinnable near the start or have hellish opening puzzles.

Reviews by Canalboy

Acheton, by Jon Thackray, David Seal, and Jonathan Partington   July 3, 2022
"Acheton has finally bitten the dust for me. A bit like getting married, cleaning the windows or cutting one's toenails, I had kept..." - See the full review

Quest for the Sangraal, by Jonathan Partington   May 24, 2022
"On my latest Quixotic journey through the Phoenix Mainframe canon I have just completed this game and retired to Castle Moan with six..." - See the full review

Hezarin, by Alex Shipp and Steve Tinney   May 3, 2022
"At last. After 25 years on and off, 1,713 little blue tablets and umpteen visits to my psychiatrist I have beaten Hezarin. This old..." - See the full review

Fyleet, by Jonathan Partington   April 27, 2022
"Stone the crows, the missus'll never believe this 'un! I have destroyed the evil Demnos and his temple, raized the fort to the ground and..." - See the full review

Philosopher's Quest, by Peter D. Killworth and Jonathan Mestel   April 1, 2022
"I set myself the ultimate challenge this year - to complete all the games in the Phoenix canon. I realise that this is somewhat akin to..." - See the full review

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The Lost Kingdom of Zkul, by Jon Malone and Allan Black
Reefer Island, by Steve Barrera
Village of Lost Souls, by Martin Moore and Glenn McAuley
Not Just an Ordinary Ballerina, by Jim Aikin
Mystery Mansion, by Bill Wolpert

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