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55 year old IT analyst, Wine Buff and Arsenal supporter. IF acolyte. A bit battered with pieces falling off. Lover of the Seventies and cheese.

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Excellent IF Games With Unfair Puzzles - 5 items   May 18, 2017
A Selection Of Enjoyable IF That Contain(s) Ridiculous Puzzles. All the games mentioned are enjoyable to me and of a very high standard...

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Games With Unfair Beginnings - 16 votes for 10 games; created October 7, 2021
By this I mean games that can be made unwinnable near the start or have hellish opening puzzles.

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Crystal Caverns, by Dan Kitchen   January 16, 2022
"This rather large and well crafted text adventure was originally written for the Apple II in 1982 and then re-programmed for the..." - See the full review

Castlequest, by Michael S. Holtzman and Mark Kershenblatt   January 11, 2022
"I have always been a sucker for old text based puzzlefests and a double sucker for old Mainframe puzzlefests (viz. my efforts at getting..." - See the full review

Merlin's Golden Trove, by John Olsen   December 20, 2021
"This is part one of a small DOS trilogy written by John Olsen in the mid nineties. If you have been worn down by tough long games..." - See the full review

The Guild of Thieves, by Rob Steggles   December 19, 2021
"This game was apparently voted Adventure Game Of The Year at the Golden Joystick Awards (somewhat ironically for a text adventure) and..." - See the full review

The Castle of Hornadette, by Stephen J. Konig   November 23, 2021
"This old DOS game written in 1987 has the temerity to ask for a payment when you quit from it, which if you are like me will be fairly..." - See the full review

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Crystal Caverns, by Dan Kitchen
Lydia's Heart, by Jim Aikin
Acheton, by Jon Thackray, David Seal, and Jonathan Partington
Castlequest, by Michael S. Holtzman and Mark Kershenblatt
Castle of Riddles, by Peter D. Killworth

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