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Interactive Fiction by alyshkalia

Structural Integrity, by Tabitha O'Connell (2023)
(9 ratings)
You are Yaan, a well-off government official romantically involved with former messenger boy Kel. Uncover the cracks in your relationship, and decide what you're going to do about them... Author's...

What They Don't Know, by alyshkalia (2023)
(2 ratings)
Lady Highchester, widowed shortly after the birth of her daughter, has raised said daughter to take over the family estate one day. Chelle, the daughter in question, was 18 when her mother...

Mother, Daughter, Sister, by alyshkalia (2023)
(2 ratings)
/ Made for the Neo Twiny Jam

Life of Puck, by alyshkalia (2023)
(2 ratings)
A game I wrote as practice when learning Twine; was inspired to clean it up for the Neo Twiny jam in honor of my sweet boy.

The 5-Second Simulation, by alyshkalia (2023)
(2 ratings)
A one-move parser game where your actions will unlock the clues needed to win. (This game was written in less than two weeks for the 2023 Single-Choice Jam, and is the second game I've ever made...

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Highnoon, by Christopher Gaylo   September 20, 2023
"I played this because of Porpentine's recommendation in her 2012 interview with Emily Short. To quote her: "Highnoon is a remake of a 42..." - See the full review

Fish Bowl, by Ethan Rupp and Joshua Rupp   September 18, 2023
"While there are a few typos and unimplemented nouns, I absolutely love short, tightly-focused games, and this is an excellent example...." - See the full review

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Ad Verbum, by Nick Montfort
There Those Dare Doze, by Andrew Schultz
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Quite Queer Night Near, by Andrew Schultz

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The Enigma of the Old Manor House, by Daniel M. Stelzer
Shuffling Around, by Andrew Schultz (as Ned Yompus)
T-Zero, by Dennis Cunningham
Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It, by Jeff O'Neill
SCREW YOU, BEAR DAD!, by Xalavier Nelson Jr.

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