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Interactive Fiction by Tabitha / alyshkalia

Structural Integrity, by Tabitha O'Connell (2023)
(10 ratings)
You are Yaan, a well-off government official romantically involved with former messenger boy Kel. Uncover the cracks in your relationship, and decide what you're going to do about them... Author's...

You're a Time Agent!, by Tabitha O'Connell (2023)
(7 ratings)
A silly, light-hearted puzzle game in which you play an agent trying to get through a guarded door using your ability to reset time.

Cycle, by alyshkalia (2023)
(5 ratings)
Tiel's partner Heron is the one thing in his life that makes him happy. So when Heron says ey's done with him, how can Tiel not go to desperate lengths to get em to stay? A story game with three...

POV: You're a Teenage Girl in a Conservative Christian Family, by alyshkalia (2023)
(5 ratings)
A little piece of my religious trauma.

Dark Communion, by alyshkalia (2023)
(4 ratings)
Two teenage girls. One abandoned church. ??? survivors.

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Reviews by Tabitha / alyshkalia

Les lettres du Docteur Jeangille, by manonamora   May 16, 2024
"The first thing that struck me about this game was the UI. It’s gorgeous! The softly textured main background, the handwriting fonts..." - See the full review

To Beseech Old Sins, by Nic June   May 16, 2024
"I was drawn into this one by the stylish UI and the character-focused setup, immediately interested in our three MCs’ circumstances and..." - See the full review

To Sea in a Sieve, by J. J. Guest   April 9, 2024
"This game has a very fun premise and voice; unfortunately, though, I had to guess-the-verb my way through it, at one point resorting to..." - See the full review

Nonverbal Communication, by Allyson Gray   April 9, 2024
"This was another game that had me quite confused at first—I couldn't for the life of me understand what I was supposed to be doing " - See the full review

Thanks, but I don't remember asking., by Mea Murukutla   April 7, 2024
"I found this game disorienting at first, to the point that I almost stopped playing. I was confused about both the situation and the..." - See the full review

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