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Author of the Eleusinian Miseries.

My super rigorous scoring rubric:

1 star = terminally buggy or otherwise really not worth playing.

2 stars = some real strengths but some flaws too.

3 stars = an enjoyable game that's well worth playing.

4 stars = a great game that might just be lacking a bit of ambition or pizzazz to get it over the top.

5 stars = an amazing achievement that I'll remember for a long time to come.

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Interactive Fiction by Mike Russo

The Eleusinian Miseries, by Mike Russo (2020)
(19 ratings)
Well, isn't this a lark! After solid years of going after old Alky to let you in on that Mysteries wheeze of his, at last tonight's the night. He's dragged you from Athens to Eleusis for the to-do,...

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