If You Had One Shot

by Wade Clarke profile, Victor Gijsbers profile, Hanon Ondricek profile, and Brian Rushton profile


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Only one choice with no possibilitie to replay the game., August 13, 2023

This is a one choice game dislike another previous ones. You can only play the game once, then it will lock and become unplayable. Another good experiment by Mathbrush and his crew.

I played "One shoot" while dining in a job travel. I liked the surprising experience, even more when I couldn't retry in the current parser apk. So, read carefully the text, get involved when the atmosphere and empatize with the protagonist. There are some "all good, but different" endings, so make your choice according with your preferences. (As I am a weird player, I managed to see all the endings (this game deserves the effort), but this is other question).

A must play game, short, inmersive and original.

- Jade.

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