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Trouble in Sector 471, by Arthur DiBianca

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World of robots., October 8, 2022

I played this game last sunday in IFMUD. This is a great exploring game with an original plot where we have to explore a 8x8 map and solve various puzzles.
We are a robot with few habilities capable of learning a bunch of other ones. This habilities plus our intelligence enable us to solve the situations in the game.
There are a huge bunch of other robots with some habilities and functions needed to progress in the adventure. We will get a lot of information from them.

Descriptions of the enviroment allows the game to be inmersive.

This is an inmersive game, middle difficult, full lenght, enjoyable, recommended for every adventurer.


Zero Chance of Recovery, by Andrew Schultz

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Ooooh! A new challenging chess problem for brainstorming, October 2, 2022
by Jade68
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I played and enjoyed this game in IFMUD last week testing online with Andrew S. (Thank you Andrew). We were playing the game in the middle of a brainstorming, why? Becouse this is a chess puzzle IF based on a famous chess end-game plot.
This is one of the two entries Andrew brings to this year IFcomp.
Ok then!, this is a chess problem ported to IF game, but it is not only that. This is a scene where you have to resolve a strategic battle situation. As usual from Andrew (I remember his last game about a malefical queen) this is a very well implemented game. Nevertheless I would prefer more epic literature every time I fail in the game. The theme gives it a lot of possibilities since it could be some battle in the Victorian era, Middle earth battle between orcs and dwarves, etc. This is the literature I missed here wich could improve the game giving it a soul.

No matter what I have written upwards, this is a polished game and any adventurer can enjoy it, being a chess master or a total begginer.


Captain Verdeterre's Plunder, by Ryan Veeder

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A well written treasure hunting., September 19, 2022

I have enjoyed a lot playing and replaying this game half a dozen times. Each gameplay I have retrieved higher amount of rewards. I like searching items meanwile the ship sinks and calculating the objects I will retrieve or not.

- Jade.

The good people, by Pseudavid

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An strange first couple holiday travel., June 18, 2022

English & spanish review,

Man, it's okay for me to say so: A "roller coaster" game of emotions between the protagonists, their current history, their past life and their nearest future. Immersive, very well written, polished, long, seems replayable (I'll confirm that later). It contains a series of very well worked photos, they change their appearance between day and night; the text is assigned a color for each character and also becomes chaotic when the character falls apart psychologically.

Two notes: at some point we change characters and the texts are aligned on the screen, with different fonts and sizes, making them very easy to read.

We are discovering the story through exploration and conversation that gives us more or less direct and more or less disruptive options. The duration of the game according to MB is one hour, although it took us 2 hours to read all the texts aloud and choose the options among the 3.

A detail: Good people are not us. :smiley: and the fact is that the game tells us about asymmetric relationships, the problems of uprooting, climate change, but also about the myths and legends of northern Spain.

In short, we are faced with a very fun game, which will make us think "in another way" depending on our personal relationship with the character, since through choices, it will end up becoming our avatar. It is more a game of whiskey than beer, better to play it at sunset in a quiet and unhurried place.

- jade

Hombre, está bien que lo diga yo: Un juego "montaña rusa" de emociones entre los protagonistas, su historia actual, su vida pasada y su futuro más cercano. Inmersivo, muy bien redactado, pulido, largo, parece que rejugable (eso lo confirmaré más tarde). Contiene una serie de fotos muy bien trabajadas, cambian de aspecto entre el día y la noche; el texto tiene adjudicado un color para cada personaje y además se vuelve caótico cuando el personaje se desmorona psicológicamente. Dos notas: en algún momento cambiamos de personaje y los textos van alineados por la pantalla, con diferentes fuentes y tamaños, haciéndolos muy fáciles de leer.
Vamos descubriendo la historia a través de la exploración y la conversación que nos da opciones más o menos directas y más o menos disruptivas.

La duración del juego según MB es de una hora aunque a nosotros nos llevó 2 horas al leer en voz alta todos los textos y elegir las opciones entre los 3.
Un detalle: La buena gente no somos nosotros. :smiley: y es que el juego nos habla de las relaciones asimétricas, los problemas del desarraigo, el cambio climático pero también de los mitos y leyendas del norte español.

En definitiva nos encontramos ante un juego muy divertido, que nos hará pensar "de otra manera" dependiendo de nuestra vinculación personal con el personaje, ya que mediante elecciones, se acabará convortiendo en nuestro avatar. Es más un juego de whisky que de cerveza, mejor jugarlo al atardecer en un lugar tranquilo y sin prisas.

- Jade

Ma Tiger's Terrible Trip, by Travis Moy

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A lovely story intriguing to share in company., April 21, 2022


Congratulations Mo Travis, you have got it.
I have played the game with my son twice for two hours, second playthrough tables turned.
My son has a Harvard's C1 english qualifing but we have had to consult the meaning of some words in the dictionary. Your writing are polished, cult and lead to a n interesting inmersive attention.

About the game: It hit the goal you marked with high note.
Just from the beggining you receive a letter from some people that want to meet you. This encounter will lead to make some questions and the needing of also give some answers on your own.
The story is inmersive since the cery first choices. Is a serial of twisty ways to show little by little first the relationship between the players and afterwards the plot of the story by itself.
[spoiler]The timed part of the game where you have to choice between five options about life and dead maked me to be in a bit exquisite excited status[/spoiler]

The server program works fine, avoiding the interchange of codes between player as in The Last Night of Alexisgrad that you mention in game's description. This handshacking is doing properly by the game itself.

I thing this game should be played by all the adventurers between them or with some people around. They will like the gameplay.
Also point at the fact that this game is full replayable.

- Jade

You, Me and Coffee, by Florencia Minuzzi
A rainy afternoon witz a coffee and an old friend., April 19, 2022


The first thing I have to talk about is that “you” seems to represent many people, more than ten I presume. There are few choices but the options maximize results, so depending on your choice story takes different ways.

To control the game in Android online you have to pick and move up and down your finger to chhose option and to the right in order to choose that option.

A simple game about resuming, or not, a friendly relationship in front of a coffee in a rainy afternoon.


Digit, by Joey Acrimonious

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A parser choice options game with few options., April 19, 2022

I have played this game for a while and the scheme is, as described in documentation, a barely talk / examine game where you travel all along through the choice options given by the game. There is many, many times to write "talk" and a few other actions.
This game is a text novel story where two girlfriends discover herself through some hypnosis experiments.

If you like erotic stories you can play it or not, otherwise this game doesn't worth a try.

- Jade.

Let's Talk Alex, by Stephanie Smith

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A bit of psychologist for an unestable couple relatonship., April 19, 2022

So if you are Alex it is supposed I am Andra.

A short and very imaginative (low cost psychology) game where we can see how a couple try to fix and upgrade his relationship.
This festival I have played several games about space, psychologist, fiancees, dogs, hyperspace, fairies… all seems to be in duplicate.
In the reality things often goes upside down, she has the pan for the handle when talking about home things.
Meanwhile you can play several times with same ending.


Orbital Decay, by Kayvan Sarikhani

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Save the ISS to crash down our planet., April 16, 2022


There are always some space operas in any jam. It is a recurrent theme.
The author explains that this was to be a C64 graphic adventure and I realize it. Good graphics, inmersive music, and a hard scify pov.
I think Kayvan has been incestigating all info around ISS. The result is a simulacionist game, I like that flavour, where you do your actions the right way. If you detach tour helmet you die (there is a bug here, when you are inside the ship you are questionated about taking off the helmet you have previously take off and you die if you do here). You have to do the actions in the right sequence but there is a list in the wall, so this isn’t difficult.
Then you will have to fix and perform some tasks, discovering what have happened to the starship.

Anyway I liked this game very much. The left pannel let’s you turn the music on/off, save/restore the game and the left pannel shows graphics and the text box.

A good game everyone could try.


Fairest, by Amanda Walker

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A must play game from Spring Thing 2022, April 15, 2022


Yet another piece of art work from Amanda.
This is an original threatment for an old kind of adventure.
This game started as a simply way for bringing today an actualization about fairies, but become a polished, inmersive, full lenght game with a lot of final endings.
It is a easy game but as this is a full one, you will need to take some notes and writting down some maps.
The last interest is in using special commands to retrieve all the juice from the game.
This is a game that you will play slowly, reading and tasting all the text.
I hope Amanda go on bringing us new if pieces for a long time.


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