Ma Tiger's Terrible Trip

by Travis Moy profile

Science Fiction

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A lovely story intriguing to share in company., April 21, 2022


Congratulations Mo Travis, you have got it.
I have played the game with my son twice for two hours, second playthrough tables turned.
My son has a Harvard's C1 english qualifing but we have had to consult the meaning of some words in the dictionary. Your writing are polished, cult and lead to a n interesting inmersive attention.

About the game: It hit the goal you marked with high note.
Just from the beggining you receive a letter from some people that want to meet you. This encounter will lead to make some questions and the needing of also give some answers on your own.
The story is inmersive since the cery first choices. Is a serial of twisty ways to show little by little first the relationship between the players and afterwards the plot of the story by itself.
[spoiler]The timed part of the game where you have to choice between five options about life and dead maked me to be in a bit exquisite excited status[/spoiler]

The server program works fine, avoiding the interchange of codes between player as in The Last Night of Alexisgrad that you mention in game's description. This handshacking is doing properly by the game itself.

I thing this game should be played by all the adventurers between them or with some people around. They will like the gameplay.
Also point at the fact that this game is full replayable.

- Jade