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Interactive Fiction by MoyTW

At King Arthur's Christmas Feast, by Travis Moy (2021)
(15 ratings)
One Christmas at Camelot in charged a strange fellow, a giant man all green, great axe in hand, and called out a challenge in the court of King Arthur: "Bequeath me one blow, behead me clean, and...

prepare for return, by Travis Moy (2023)
(10 ratings)
Entry for SeedComp 2023, sprouting stage. The seed is "other thing" by slugzuki:

THROW. MARIA. OVERBOARD., by Travis Moy (2022)
(9 ratings)
A story of the sea. Made in four hours for the La Petite Mort category of EctoComp 2022. Story adapted from the Byzantium and Friends, episode 40, "Byzantine tales of horror and the macabre." Cover...

Ma Tiger's Terrible Trip, by Travis Moy (2022)
(5 ratings)
The last time Ma Tigerís children spoke was thirteen years ago. Now, with nowhere else to turn, she asks for their aid. Requires two players.

Emily, by MuffiTuffiWuffi (2023)
(3 ratings)
Made for Neo-Twiney Jam 2023. 499 words.

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