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Journey to Europe - An Adventure Where YOU Are the Victim!, by Simon Christiansen   December 31, 2021
"Poverty porn in a gamebook. Few choices, scant writing, stereotypical characters. I believe the idea is sound — if difficult to pull off..." - See the full review

Fivebyfivia Delenda Est, by Andrew Schultz   July 4, 2021
"I liked this game, both the puzzles and the narrative side were fresh and enjoyable. Directions were extra cleas which is always a plus..." - See the full review

Constraints, by Martin Bays   May 23, 2021
"I agree with the other reviews, the game is interesting because it explores something new (inaction, inanimate bodies, impossibility to..." - See the full review

The Storm, by Stephane F.   October 11, 2020
"Quite a refreshing short experience, dealing with more than your usual gore+lovecraft horror trope. Very good in doing what it does..." - See the full review

Alone, by Paul Michael Winters   October 10, 2020
"Alone is a post-apocalyptic horror which plays along the «man against enviroment» lines. I much appreciated its descriptive dryness; the..." - See the full review

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