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A Thousand Thousand Slimy Things, by Charm Cochran

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Great lonely horror, December 16, 2022
by f-a

A very good, short twine horror where you are lost at sea.

At first I thought it was a “forced choice” adventure (where whatever you do, you will end up in the same place) and I honestly liked that feeling too (pulled off really well), but apparently there are other endings too.

Again, enjoyable production which does one thing and does it well.

You're In Deep, by Xuelder
very short horror, November 6, 2022
by f-a

This game was made for ECTOCOMP 2022, it is very simple and even shorter. Despite that, I still think it is a good production, the descriptions while not flowery were captivating and the mini-story and different endings left me wanting for more.

I hope the author writes longer IF!

Trouble in Sector 471, by Arthur DiBianca
Very nice, comfortable puzzler!, October 30, 2022
by f-a

I have not yet finished the game, but this adventure resembles Inside the Facility, another DiBianca production. I love the “limited commands” idea, gives the author some space for clever puzzles.

Simple description, an ingame ASCII map and the above mentioned limited input makes this also a great game to get acquainted with IF for new players.

The Bones of Rosalinda, by Agnieszka Trzaska

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An incredible short game, April 10, 2022
by f-a

I cannot praise enough this game: the good UI, the sensible puzzles, the lovely characters, their witty lines, how everything in the world seems believable yet magic at the same time. You don't have to be flowery to be moving and the writing in this game shows it.

I don't even like Twine games that much, but this one seems more a point and click adventure game relayed via text: you have your player character (and what a player character), her sidekick, a number of NPCs who are at times dumb, obstinate or helpful and a small mansion that is the background of your adventure.

There are some minor drawbacks, like slow room/inveotry transitions (maybe it is my browser but transitions at times took even a couple of seconds) and missed interactions ((Spoiler - click to show)if you jump with pepper in your hand in the goulash, it should instantly make it hot, without requiring us to specifically drop the ingredient in it).

Suggestions for the player: do have pencil and paper with you (game is small, but still making a map makes navigation easier); do download the hint files, which makes this even more enjoyable.

Closing the page I find myself fantasising about the future life of Tekla and Quintus, I hope the author will release more IF!

Weird City Interloper, by C.E.J. Pacian

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A small jewel, February 21, 2022
by f-a

A small jewel of a game, unravelling a compelling story with just one simple game mechanic. The characters are interesting, the puzzles balanced — and there is an in-game hint system in any case —, writing is good without being flowery.

I advise anyone to play this game, doubly so if you are a developer and want to learn a trick or two on how to get the best bang for your buck.

pumpkin.jpg, by Brandon Carbaugh
good idea, a bit of a heavy handed execution, January 29, 2022
by f-a

Surveillance state simulator. The idea was very good and drew me into the game, the execution less so in my opinion: I would have liked to have some kind of “reward” or score for my choices while the game relies on articles and heavy handed narrative to convey its point.
I hope to see more from the author since this is very interesting.

Journey to Europe - An Adventure Where YOU Are the Victim!, by Simon Christiansen

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Poverty porn, December 31, 2021
by f-a

Poverty porn in a gamebook.
Few choices, scant writing, stereotypical characters.

I believe the idea is sound — if difficult to pull off without resorting to clichés. Frankly I did not enjoy the execution one bit.

Fivebyfivia Delenda Est, by Andrew Schultz

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Solid chess puzzler with a story, July 4, 2021
by f-a
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I liked this game, both the puzzles and the narrative side were fresh and enjoyable. Directions were extra cleas which is always a plus in parser games.

The only think I would add is some kind of time counter so you can immediately get — in the first three puzzles — in how many moves max the puzzle should be solved.

Play this if you like chess!

Constraints, by Martin Bays

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A very interesting experiment in IF, May 23, 2021
by f-a
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I agree with the other reviews, the game is interesting because it explores something new (inaction, inanimate bodies, impossibility to act) in Interactive Fiction but not super fun per se.

It is quite short and will give you new ideas if you are a game developer and a fresh view on the medium if you a reader of IF, so I say: «play it!»

The Storm, by Stephane F.

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Short eerie horror, October 11, 2020
by f-a

Quite a refreshing short experience, dealing with more than your usual gore+lovecraft horror trope.
Very good in doing what it does (there is no way for me to address it, without revealing the coup de théâtre), despite some minor writing flaws (Spoiler - click to show)(telling us how we feel. I was perfectly unsettled without being reminded I am horrified or that a shiver runs through my spine).

My suggestion to you is: play it! It is extremely short (coffee-break IF), and will add a thing or two to your IF and Horror experience.

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