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Interactive Fiction by DB

Excalibur, by J. J. Guest, G. C. Baccaris, and Duncan Bowsman (2021)
(19 ratings)
The psychedelic science fantasy series Excalibur was wiped by the BBC. It lives on, in the memories of its fans. Author's Comment: "Welcome to the Excalibur Wiki. This fan-run encyclopaedia...

Pirate's Plunder!, by Tiberius Thingamus (2010)
(11 ratings)
In this game, it be yer goal to findeth ye olde, cursed treasure on Loot Island and taketh it fer yer own. Not even that evil Captain Hookhead can stoppeth ye once ye put ye mind to it. Know why?...

I Was a Teenage Headless Experiment, by Duncan Bowsman (2010)
(7 ratings)

"... but he has the element of surprise and a bonesaw, and you do not." You are your decapitated head standing on a metal tray in a mad doctor's laboratory. The doctor's four-armed assistant blocks...

The Ascot, by Duncan Bowsman (2009)
(25 ratings)
Anything might happen to you on the way to the convenience store. You might even run into a guy handing out cursed ascots that lead you to lost fortunes guarded by terrible monsters. Can you nab...

Mango, by Aaron Reed, Duncan Bowsman, and Alexei Othenin-Girard (2010)
(3 ratings)

You are stuck inside a creepy hotel room in Boston and need to escape. How can losing precious brain parts learning learning occult magicks, former president Millard Fillmore, and time traveling to...

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ADRIFT Authors' Iconic Works - 33 items   January 5, 2012
I have attempted to assemble a list of some major (and some minor) authors for the ADRIFT platform along with a game iconic of their...

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Reviews by DB

Baby on Board, by Eric Zinda   May 23, 2022
"OK so this is going to be a bit of a review of my thoughts on Perplexity as experienced through this game perhaps more than it's a review..." - See the full review

A D R I F T, by Pinkunz   April 22, 2022
"OK, it has to be said: it was weird for me personally to see this as a title rather than the development system. I know not everyone had..." - See the full review

Hinterlands: Marooned!, by Cody Gaisser   April 22, 2022
"Bare. Only interesting bit is one monster description, and that's bluntly standard Lovecraft pastiche. Hints suggest that this Spring..." - See the full review

The Box, by Paul Michael Winters   April 22, 2022
"The Box is a thin setup for a short puzzlebox-escape-the-room type adventure. Nothing necessarily against a thin setup, just go into this..." - See the full review

fix it, by Lily Boughton   April 22, 2022
"fix it is a short practice for a psychological grounding exercise. It's earnest and admits in the end that "it isn't always easy." The..." - See the full review

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Baby on Board, by Eric Zinda
A D R I F T, by Pinkunz
Hinterlands: Marooned!, by Cody Gaisser
The Box, by Paul Michael Winters
fix it, by Lily Boughton

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