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Interactive Fiction by BitterlyIndifferent

Project Arcmör, by Donald Conrad and Peter M.J. Gross (2021)
(3 ratings)
You still remember the initial thrill of receiving your acceptance message: “Greetings, colonizer! We are excited for you to join the StarQuorp™ family, a top 100 company to work for (based on...

Truck Quest, by Donald Conrad and Peter M.J. Gross (2019)
(7 ratings)
You only need one low-budget truck (and one high-interest loan) to start your own delivery service. It’ll be an adventure, hauling military-grade narcotics to the megachurches of Bean Station and...

Pushing Loyal People, by Bitterly Indifferent (2017)
(1 rating)
This is a hyper-realistic employee engagement exercise where you work at a highly selective global corporation. See how quickly you can rise to claim the corner office, and do your best to survive...

Tonciven, by Donald Conrad and Peter M.J. Gross (2020)
(1 rating)
The ageless city of Tonciven is built on a foundation of cruelty, bloodshed, and exploitation. Many inhabitants of today's bustling city are unaware that relics from its dark past lie beneath the...

The Forgotten Tavern, by Peter M.J. Gross (2018)
(7 ratings)
Max and Diana need your help, although Diana might be reluctant to admit that. You should visit their humble establishment. If you help them with their problems, they can help you with yours. You...

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Reviews by BitterlyIndifferent

Savor, by Ed Nobody   December 1, 2020
"From a narrative perspective, I was unable to enjoy the story that this entry wanted to tell. That might have been a personal failing. In..." - See the full review

Vain Empires, by Thomas Mack and Xavid   December 1, 2020
"This is a spy thriller where the main character describes life-or-death thrills as a minor bureaucratic hassle. The dry, aloof..." - See the full review

Red Radish Robotics, by Gibbo   December 1, 2020
"Red Radish Robotics does a good job of telling a story. The narrator's childlike perspective explains why you are given some choices that..." - See the full review

Fight Forever, by Pako   December 1, 2020
"As the schematic for an amazing fighting game, this looks great. As an actual game to be enjoyed by players, it needs a lot of work. The..." - See the full review

Seasonal Apocalypse Disorder, by Zan and Xavid   December 1, 2020
"This adventure's narrative, which may involve cow tipping and casual murder, describes impossible developments in a consistently..." - See the full review

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Heroes!, by Bellamy Briks
Journey to Ultimate Fightdown!, by Havilah "mwahahavilah" McGinnis
Savor, by Ed Nobody
Vain Empires, by Thomas Mack and Xavid
Red Radish Robotics, by Gibbo

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