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moonlighting as a moonbeam

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Interactive Fiction by kaemi

Queenlash, by Kaemi Velatet (2021)
(4 ratings)

Queenlash is an interactive novel about the life of Cleopatra told from the perspectives of eight women.

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A Paradox Between Worlds, by Autumn Chen   October 10, 2021
"The hardest part of the day is the alarm, the moment when an internal world shatters under the invasion of a contingency of compromises,..." - See the full review

Universal Hologram, by Kit Riemer   October 3, 2021
"Neural network image generators, with their dreamlike quality of semi-figurative outputs that have been processed through deeply uncanny..." - See the full review

Sting, by Mike Russo   October 2, 2021
"In this fragile world, how can we cling to our seams, hold everything together? Falling to pieces in the absence of the smile that used..." - See the full review

BLK MTN, by Laura Paul   October 2, 2021
"Putting together a resume is soul crushing, literally, it crushes your soul into one page of paper which in ink which may as well..." - See the full review

Grooverland, by Mathbrush   September 19, 2021
"We also, I say, ought to copy these bees, and sift whatever we have gathered from a varied course of reading, for such things are better..." - See the full review

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