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Interactive Fiction by kaemi

Queenlash, by Kaemi Velatet (2021)
(4 ratings)

Queenlash is an interactive novel about the life of Cleopatra told from the perspectives of eight women.

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Somewhere, Somewhen, by Jim MacBrayne   August 2, 2021
"For all the mystery of the terminal, for all the mindboggling puzzling, perhaps Zork can be best captured in a dream: the homebrewer..." - See the full review

Return to the Stars, by Adrian Welcker   August 2, 2021
"“Theirs not to make reply, Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do and die.” – Alfred, Lord Tennyson I think one of the reasons people..." - See the full review

The Faeries Of Haelstowne, by Christopher Merriner   August 2, 2021
"“They’re a funny lot over in those parts. Superstitious. Someone’s hiding something; don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes.” The..." - See the full review

Grooverland, by Mathbrush   August 2, 2021
"“We also, I say, ought to copy these bees, and sift whatever we have gathered from a varied course of reading, for such things are better..." - See the full review

Daddy's Birthday, by Jonathan8   August 2, 2021
"Daddy’s Birthday is a pleasant and adorable collaboration between a girl and her father, written to celebrate the eponymous Daddy’s..." - See the full review

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