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Academic historian, genealogist, former computer scientist, and Doctor Who fan

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Interactive Fiction by Vivienne Dunstan

Napier's Cache, by Vivienne Dunstan (2020)
(12 ratings)
Scotland, 1594: You're used to strange requests in your role as servant to John Napier. He's not just famous as a mathematician, but is also known for his occult skills and knowledge, still valued...

Border Reivers, by Vivienne Dunstan (2018)
(7 ratings)
It's late fifteenth century Scotland, and the dangerous world of the Anglo-Scottish Border Reivers. A murder has been committed, and it's your task as the Warden's son to try to find out who was...

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Vivís top 10 favourite IF games - 10 items   November 12, 2022
This is a list of my top 10 favourite IF games, in chronological order of release. There are many other games that I think are fantastic,...

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Reviews by Vivienne Dunstan

The Familiar, by groggydog   May 16, 2023
"This was a delightful parser game, where you, a witchís crow familiar, have to save your mistress. Thereís a light touch to the writing,..." - See the full review

Mirror, by Ondrej Odokienko   May 16, 2023
"This is a set of 4 game books by students in a creative writing event in Slovakia. In this quick review Iím treating each one separately,..." - See the full review

The Sacred Shovel of Athenia, by AndyG   May 16, 2023
"This is a short and beginner friendly parser game, set in a quasi fantasy world, with a very cute cat that you have to get to know..." - See the full review

The Withering Gaze of the Earth, by Emily Worm   May 16, 2023
"This is a short - but not too short - Twine piece of the end of the world and family relations. I expected it to be shorter than it was,..." - See the full review

Structural Integrity, by Tabitha O'Connell   May 16, 2023
"This is a LGBTQ novella adapted into multiple ending Twine form. Thereís quite a lot of interaction with your partner, and a lot of..." - See the full review

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