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aspwil920 Frequent Fiction points
Member since July 6, 2020

Benjamin Sokal910 Frequent Fiction points
Elysium pod planting enclosure on Mars
Member since October 17, 2007

"I am a 29 years old literature / IF fanatic. I enjoy fine dining and long walks on the beach. And bizarre alien lifeforms. Favorite..."

puzzler903 Frequent Fiction points
Everett, Washington
Member since November 18, 2007

John Daily887 Frequent Fiction points
New York
Member since July 30, 2011

"My first IF was Hitchhiker's on a Commodore 64 at a friend's house; I was insanely jealous, as I only had a TI-99/4A. Having no text..."

mazirian882 Frequent Fiction points
Yarmouth, Maine
Member since November 25, 2008

Sean Callahan881 Frequent Fiction points
Member since December 26, 2014

calindreams874 Frequent Fiction points
Birmingham, England
Member since May 5, 2011

"I always loved playing text adventures on my Spectrum but was rarely very good at guessing the verb. So pleased to see that text..."

Ray871 Frequent Fiction points
Member since April 7, 2012

jingold851 Frequent Fiction points
Member since March 29, 2008

Wynter839 Frequent Fiction points
Member since December 5, 2020

Dannii835 Frequent Fiction points
Member since January 10, 2008

simuloid835 Frequent Fiction points
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Member since June 22, 2018

"Played Scott Adams adventures on an Apple ][+ as a teen. Now I'm a programmer. I've dabbled at writing IF, but don't have the patience..."

Durafen822 Frequent Fiction points
Member since September 18, 2019

Brian Conn821 Frequent Fiction points
Eureka, California
Member since June 17, 2009

"I became curious about all this."

Andrew Watt816 Frequent Fiction points
Los Angeles, California
Member since June 4, 2014

"Editor, Kappelman's History of Arth. Minneapolitan."

trojo815 Frequent Fiction points
Huntsville, Alabama, USA
Member since September 30, 2011

"Hi, I'm Troy. I'm a fairly new author of IF-- with one released game as of this writing-- but I have been playing IF since I was a kid...."

NiMuSi794 Frequent Fiction points
London, UK
Member since February 23, 2008

"Started playing IF in the 80's on a Sinclair Spectrum. My favourite games at that time were the offerings from Level 9. I am now in the..."

zylla790 Frequent Fiction points
Member since May 2, 2012

Angharade781 Frequent Fiction points
Member since October 2, 2017

"I'm interested in: art therapy, community, painting, writing, mycology, neuroscience, reading, and going for walks. I'm interested in..."

scottmbruner778 Frequent Fiction points
alameda, california
Member since September 19, 2013

"Interactive narrative enthusiast (from tabletop gaming to IFs) and alternative world explorer and creator. Also, really into barbecue and..."

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