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Mature aged (though not necessarily behaved) student. I've finally (aged 30) returned to Uni to get the necessary qualifications to work as an ESL teacher here in Australia (I've worked in Japan - best job ever). I've overloaded on creative writing topics this year (the last year I can) and I'm loving it.

I've been into IF since primary school, played the classic infocom games (we got our Amiga second hand). I rediscovered them when my kid brother introduced me to the 'Adventure Blaster 1.0' with it's collection of games, hints, and slick looking interface and instructions to get me back into the genre.

I write short stories, and some longer ones, and have had a couple of ideas for games I'd like to implement, and am in the process of working through the Inform 7 guide again and hoping this time I don't make a huge mess of it. =)

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