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I write. I have experience as a frequently-returning member of a competitive forum role-playing community and my specialty is action and atmosphere. I like cats. If you're a cat I'll probably like you, so that's cool.

I'm a little lost. I don't really know what I'm doing here but I've been motivated by the prospect of IF potentially becoming marketable for personal devices in the same way novels have been and I'm looking to explore what game elements I can inject into the medium.


I'll just stare at Twine until it EITHER assembles a game for me.. OR I'll decide I'm doing this the wrong way and something shiny over there will occupy my attention instead. Usually by presenting alternative software and suggesting it would be easier to make stuff using this if only you changed a couple of concepts in the project design, yeah that's great, okay nevermind this was too hard after all, much harder than [new hobby], let's try [new hobby] and resume this one in a few seasons after it's attracted a host of stray debris from OTHER ideas and has been rendered unrecognizable, oh look it's shiny again!

Ad infinitum.

I need to stop flip flopping. Or maybe I don't need to stop flip flopping.

Step 1: Don't use the description box as a therapist.

Step 2: No more steps. That was the point of step 1.

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creak, creak, by chandler groover   April 11, 2015
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creak, creak, by chandler groover