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Interactive Fiction by OurJud

Aftermath, by OurJud (2016)
(3 ratings)
Inspired by Cormac McCarthy’s novel – the apocalyptic masterpiece that is The Road – Aftermath pits you against the elements of a dying world. You must reach the safe haven of Oakburn, but your...

The Legend of Blackbrook Village, by OurJud (2016)
(2 ratings)
What's behind the mysterious disappearance of uncle Jacob. Is there any truth in his recording of a village named Blackbrook? Your poor aunty May has longed for his return and you take it upon...

Cryonix, by OurJud (2016)
(3 ratings)
You wake from a period of involuntary anaesthesia to find yourself locked in a room. As your memory returns you become familiar with the surroundings. Yes, you’re on a craft in deep space. But why...

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Reviews by OurJud

Hex, by Geoff. H. Larsen   December 15, 2016
"My heart did a little leap when I saw the name of this game, and an even bigger one when I saw the cover because it confirmed it was the..." - See the full review