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SarahTheEntwife1614 Frequent Fiction points
Member since July 5, 2010

"New to IF, I particularly enjoy games with strong storytelling and well-developed characters. I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to..."

Sharpe1600 Frequent Fiction points
Playing Kerkerkruip, the IF Roguelike
Member since November 29, 2013

"Interactive fiction rating system: * — Not fun. Poorly written. ** — Not fun. *** — Fun. **** — Fun. Well written. ***** — Best of the..."

Pegbiter1581 Frequent Fiction points
Malmö, Sweden
Member since June 15, 2015

"Recently started playing both classic Infocom titles and modern works."

theqbasicwizard1571 Frequent Fiction points
Leduc, Alberta
Member since September 26, 2012

"I'm a lover of interactive fiction. I am a fan of all genres and am in the planning phase of making my first IF game. With that said I..."

Katrisa1543 Frequent Fiction points
Member since May 21, 2011

diddlescatter1535 Frequent Fiction points
Member since January 12, 2011

Rachel Helps1535 Frequent Fiction points
Member since November 5, 2021

"I've helped my sister write two VNs: Our Personal Space and Space to Grow. Most recently I wrote a Mormon feminine horror game. I'm..."

Daemon Pyrate1517 Frequent Fiction points
Optional. For example, "San Diego, California," "Barcelona, Spain"
Member since September 4, 2014

"To quote the Shaft Room in Solid Gold Zork I: "The xc ec knwall munz doesn't lead downward." Huge LucasArts and Fallout fan. Best game of..."

Jeremy Freese1497 Frequent Fiction points
Evanston, IL
Member since November 20, 2008

Stickz1495 Frequent Fiction points
Atlanta, Georgia
Member since June 9, 2010

"I hate feeling the need to resort to walkthroughs to further game progress, it always negatively affects the way I feel about the game. I..."

Ryusui1483 Frequent Fiction points
Out in the middle of a field!
Member since April 27, 2008

Michael R. Bacon1453 Frequent Fiction points
New Mexico
Member since October 20, 2007

Fredrik1432 Frequent Fiction points
Nässjö, Sweden
Member since January 3, 2009

Tom Hudson1418 Frequent Fiction points
Durham, North Carolina
Member since October 17, 2007

Jonathan Blask1413 Frequent Fiction points
Milwaukee, WI, USA
Member since March 8, 2008

"Often calls himself "Roody Yogurt" when writing IF."

turthalion1410 Frequent Fiction points
Member since January 5, 2009

"Computer engineer working mainly on Linux kernel porting to custom hardware. A long interest in IF slowly being renewed after a long..."

ryantan55771370 Frequent Fiction points
Member since March 3, 2018

Marc-André Goyette1365 Frequent Fiction points
Member since August 6, 2019

Matt Wigdahl1322 Frequent Fiction points
Olathe, KS
Member since September 23, 2009

bradleyswissman1314 Frequent Fiction points
Virginia, US
Member since February 8, 2019

"College student. I spend too much time playing these games when I should be studying."

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